NASA could send probe to nearby exoplanet by 2069

To look for signs of life beyond our solar system, the US space agency could send a spacecraft to the nearby Alpha Centauri system by 2069, according to a mission concept presented by a NASA scientist

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First gene therapy for rare blindness gets US FDA nod

In a first, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved a novel gene therapy to treat children and adult patients with an inherited form of vision loss that may result in blindness.

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NASA seeks proposals to prepare for manned Mars mission

NASA is calling for research proposals that can help understand the health effects of long term space travel on astronauts, in order to prepare humans for a three-year long journey to Mars.

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Visa form filling assistance now available over the phone

The VFS Global helpline assists visa applicants with the necessary support and information required for documentation of their visa applications

Here are 9 easy lifestyle changes that can help to avoid obesity

Avoid obesity and its related health problems like diabetes, hypertension and hormonal disorders by changing few habits.

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Kiran Bedi-Narayanasamy turf war intensified in Puducherry in 2017

The bitter turf war between Chief Minister V Narayanasamy and Lt. Governor Kiran Bedi on a plethora of issues intensified in Puducherry in 2017.

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‘In order for NZ companies to be considered global, we need to be in India’

India is a key market for us. I believe that in order for our companies to be considered global, we need to be in India. NZ does not have an FTA with India but we want our relationship with India to d

Crew of three docks at International Space Station

A three-man space crew made up of American and Japanese rookie astronauts and an experienced Russian cosmonaut successfully docked at the International Space Station to begin a six-month mission today

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Alpha Centauri system may host ‘overlooked’ Earth-like planets

cAlpha Centauri, the closest star system to the Earth, may be home to some small, Earth-like planets which have been overlooked so far, astronomers say.

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Alien life is common in universe: Study

Alien life in the universe may be much more common than thought, say scientists who analysed the oldest known fossil microorganisms which indicate that life on Earth began as far back as 3.5 million y

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Top five Swiss Christmas markets

Christmas markets are scattered throughout Switzerland in almost every town and village and offer a wide variety of arts and craft

Air pollution can make teens aggressive: Study

Higher levels of air pollution may increase the risk of delinquent behaviour among teenagers, a study has warned.

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Gravity waves force Jupiter jet stream to change direction

A NASA-led team has found that gravity waves force an east-west jet stream speeding through the atmosphere high above Jupiter's equator to change direction on a schedule almost as predictable as a Tok

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NASA set to reveal finalists for future solar system mission

NASA on Tuesday said it would announce final concepts for a future robotic mission to explore the solar system during a media teleconference on Wednesday.

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First interstellar visitor Oumuamua was similar to our planets: Study

'Oumuamua - first interstellar visitor to be observed in the solar system - has a dry, organic layer protecting its icy interior from vapourising, and is very similar to the minor planets in our syste

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IIT scientists use onion skin to generate electricity

Scientists at IIT Kharagpur have used waste onion skins to develop an inexpensive device that can generate 'green' electricity from body movements, and may power pacemakers, smart pills and wearable e

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First robot car that can drive through snow developed

Scientists have developed the first robotic car that can drive over snow covered roads, paving the way for autonomous vehicles that can safely navigate through slippery stretches.

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Discover the Ghent Light Festival in January

The fourth edition of Ghent Light Festival, to be held from January 31 to February 4, 2018, will get an extra day and a newly adapted route

How artificial intelligence beat human experts at poker revealed

Libratus, the artificial intelligence that defeated four top professional poker players earlier this year, uses a three-pronged approach to master a game with more decision points than atoms in the un

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Bipolar disorder has seven key factors: Study

Scientists have identified seven key classes of characteristics of bipolar disorder, according to a finding that explains why every patient's experience of the condition is different.

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Nanoparticles may help detect cancer early: Study

Using light-emitting nanoparticles, scientists, including those of Indian-origin, have developed a highly effective method to detect tiny tumours and track their spread, potentially leading to earlier

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Two rookie astronauts, cosmonaut blast off to International Space Station

A three-man space crew featuring American and Japanese rookie astronauts as well as an experienced Russian cosmonaut blasted off today for a six-month mission at the International Space Station.

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Brain zapping may restore social behaviour in autistic kids

Scientists have identified a brain region that can be stimulated to correct social impairments in autistic children.

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Babies born near industrial sites may face health problems: Study

Infants born to mothers within three kilometres of an industrial site may be at an increased risk of asthma and early death, a US study warns.

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Book review: The Book of Chocolate Saints: Jeet Thayil’s work depicts male artist’s authority, touches heights of inventiveness not seen in Indian novels

“You can woo a girl with a poem, but you can’t hold on to her with a poem. Not even with a poetry movement.” So wrote Roberto Bolano in The Savage Detectives, which Jeet Thayil’s new novel The

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Book review of China’s India War: Bertil Linter gives a rigorous introduction to define the 21st century relationship

Bertil Lintner, an intrepid Swedish journalist who had a long stint with the Far Eastern Economic Review in its heyday, retains an abiding interest in China and its southern neighbours, namely India a

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Best UNESCO World Heritage sites: From Angkor Wat to Taj Mahal; here is the list of best places one can visit

From Angkor Wat to Taj Mahal, here are the world’s top Unesco heritage sites, as per a list compiled by TripAdvisor.

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