Promoting ecotourism between India and Japan

Much of Assam and Japan’s eco-tourism initiatives are about protecting the natural world and rejuvenating rural communities; the two go hand-in-hand on many of the tours and nature trails

Last month was second hottest May on record: NASA

Last month was the second-warmest May in 137 years of modern record-keeping of average global temperatures, according to NASA.

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Chinese scientists beam back ‘entangled’ photons from space

Chinese scientists on Thursday reported a successful transmission of "entangled" photon pairs from space to ground stations separated by 1,200 km, a major technical breakthrough towards quantum commun

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Solar power forecast to shut down coal plants increasingly fast

The scenario suggests green energy is taking root more quickly than most experts anticipate. It would mean that global carbon dioxide pollution from fossil fuels may decline after 2026.

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Uttar Pradesh, Bihar in Niti Aayog’s list for health sector makeover

Niti Aayog has shortlisted five states, including Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, for a programme to build future 'role model' states in terms of better healthcare system, while it named Jharkhand, Chhattisg

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Most parents don’t know their children’s interests: Survey

Even as parents in India feel that children who follow their interests build a happier tomorrow, most find it difficult to identify them, according to a survey.

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Kerala to unveil new tourism policy focussing on green carpet

The Kerala government will soon unveil its new tourism policy with special focus on a 'green carpet' initiative, aimed at transforming holiday destinations into clean and hygienic surroundings with lo

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Self-medication incapacitated pilot during flight!

Did self-medication lead to incapacitation of a pilot-in-command at the time of landing?

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Goa is India’s most popular monsoon travel destination: Survey

Goa is the most popular choice for a monsoon getaway among Indian travellers, while they stick to Bali for an international short-haul trip

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New solar paint turns moist air into clean energy

Scientists have developed a new solar paint that can absorb water vapour and split it to generate hydrogen - the cleanest source of energy.

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Israel to celebrate International Yoga Day in Tel Aviv

There will be an official ceremony attended by the Ambassador of India in Israel together with a performance of Indian dance and songs

China launches first X-ray space telescope

China today successfully launched its first X-ray space telescope to help scientists study the evolution of black holes, strong magnetic fields and gamma-ray bursts.

Anti-diarrhoea drive to reach out to 12 crore under-five children

The Centre has launched a special drive to reach out to nearly 12 crore under-five children within a fortnight to reduce child deaths from diarrhoea, which kills 1.1 lakh children in India every year.

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Thailand Travel Mart Plus inaugurated in Chiang Mai

Organised by the the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the three-day mega event is being held from June 14-16, 2017 at the Chiang Mai International Exhibition and Convention Centre (CMECC)

Jupiter is the oldest planet in solar system: Study

Jupiter - the largest planet in our solar system - is also the oldest, say scientists who found that the gas giant formed within four million years after the formation of the Sun.

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Dust around active black holes more compact than thought

Using observations from NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, SOFIA, researchers have found that the dust surrounding active, ravenous black holes is much more compact than previous

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ISRO to flight-test semi-cryogenic engine by 2021

Following the successful launch of the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mk-III (GSLV Mk-III), the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is slated to launch a kerosene-based semi-cryogenic e

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Yogi Adityanath government looks to boost health facilities in state, set to hire 1,000 contractual doctors

Health Minister Siddharth Nath Singh said that earlier the state had no transfer policy and the doctors were transferred in cities depending on how much they 'spend'

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Humans will find alien life within two decades: Expert

Humans may be able to detect alien life within the next two decades, according to experts who believe that the hunt for life beyond our planet may soon yield results.

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Vitamin A deficiency may increase tuberculosis risk

People with low levels of vitamin A are 10 times more likely to contract tuberculosis from those who are already infected with the disease, a new Harvard study has warned.

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Thailand features tulips of Chaiyaphum this season

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is enticing local and international tourists to enjoy one of Thailand’s most amazing natural sights, Dok Krachiao, or Siam Tulips

Soon, cars may predict if you are having a heart attack

Scientists are developing a new system that can predict if a car driver is about to have a heart attack, a feature that would help avoid road accidents due to an unexpected cardiac event.

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New 3-D based blood vessels may revolutionise root canal

A novel three-dimensional (3-D) printing-inspired process that may help engineer artificial blood vessels for teeth, creating better and long-term outcomes for patients suffering from infected or deca

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Colour-changing tattoos to monitor blood sugar levels

DermalAbyss, developed by researchers presents a novel approach to bio- interfaces in which the body surface is rendered an interactive display.

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New system produces fuel from carbon dioxide

Scientists have developed a plant that uses carbon dioxide in the air to produce renewable fuels and chemicals, an advance that could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels.

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Two massive planets discovered 138 light years away

Astronomers have discovered two new gas giant planets, orbiting a star located about 138 light years away from the Earth.

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Astronauts can soon bake crumb-free bread on International Space Station

Astronauts will be able to enjoy fresh food in space while performing their duties, soon.

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