Obesity can boost infection risk post bypass surgery

Obese patients have much higher odds of developing an infection soon after heart bypass surgery, according to a recent study.

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How to have a good night of sleep in the sweltering summer heat; Top 5 tips to know

The summer heat reaches up to the wrong side of 40 degrees Celsius on a daily basis across India and the temperature remains high long after the sun has set.

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Short light treatment may reduce mosquito bites at night

Scientists have found that exposure to just 10 minutes of light at night suppresses biting and manipulates flight behaviour of malaria mosquitoes.

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New rapid test can accurately diagnose malaria

The test developed by the researcher from the Technical University of Munich in Germany used a combination of 30 different blood values that can be determined using an automated process.

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Online pop-up ads reduce attention span: study

Online pop-up advertisements make readers lose their concentration by causing a significant drop in brain activity, a study has found.

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NASA’s Orion spacecraft passes key safety tests

NASA's Orion spacecraft has successfully completed a series of tests for its critical safety systems.

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Delay in ‘Made in India’ chikungunya vaccine, researchers seek government intervention

India offers a rare ray of hope for an indigenously-made vaccine against chikungunya, but delay in finding volunteers is impeding its development.

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Destination food: Mountains not only about good weather but culinary delights too

For anyone who thought that the mountains are only about good weather and beautiful vistas, exploring their culinary delights might be a pleasant surprise.

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Rediscovering India: Bikaner slowly coming into its own

When one thinks of ‘Royal Rajasthan’, one musters up images of Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaipur. But Bikaner is slowly coming into its own too now.

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Father’s Day Lessons from Celebrity Father-Kids

Every son/daughter looks at his father for inspiration. A bond that a father and the child shares is very beautiful and with proper love and care the bond becomes eternal. A father, truly, would do an

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Father’s Day: 9 cool ideas to make your dad more tech-savvy/healthy/happy

As we will celebrate Fathers Day on Sunday, June 18, gift your dad that will bring smile on his face.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide: From shaving sets to backpacks and desi pickles

The conversation starts with, " Hey Dad, what do you want for Father's Day this year?" and the old fashioned reply, follows it, "I don't know. You don't have to get me anything."

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Father’s Day gift: 10 tech gadgets that you can give your dad

Papa's off to earn bread! It's that time of the year when you can surprise your father with the cheapest and coolest gadgets available!

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Father’s Day 2017: Top 5 India-Pakistan matches to remind you of your childhood with Dad before Champion’s Trophy final

This Sunday, it will be harder than usual to order a drink at your neighborhood bar or cafe. People will be crowded around television sets, taking breaks to tweet about the India-Pakistan clash at the

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10 Father’s Day quotes on how to turn setbacks into success

After listening to a Mother's Day sermon at a church in 1909 a woman by the name of Sonora Smart Dodd came up with the idea of honouring and celebrating her father.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide: From shaving sets to handsome duffle bag; here’s what you can buy

It is normally believed that shopping for girls is pretty tough. And, it becomes even tougher when it comes to shopping for your Dad.

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MAVEN reveals how Sun stripped Mars’ atmosphere

MAVEN is the first spacecraft dedicated to understanding Mars' upper atmosphere and began its primary science mission in November 2014.

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Girls exposed to passive smoking face greater arthritis risk

Parents beware! Smoking before your daughter can be harmful as a study has found that children, especially girls, who are exposed to passive smoking in childhood, face a greater risk of developing art

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Gut bacteria might help slow down ageing

Supplements derived from a gut bacteria might one day pave the way for slowing down the ageing process, scientists say.

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Eat broccoli to keep diabetes in check

Here’s another reason to consume broccoli, as researchers have identified a new anti-diabetic substance, richly occurring in broccoli, which can significantly lower the blood sugar levels.

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Rediscover Canadian history on Canada Day 2017

The country is rolling out free public celebrations and special events in communities large and small in Ottawa, Ontario, the nation’s capital

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to hunt for signs of alien life

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope will search for signs of extraterrestrial life on Earth-sized planets of the recently discovered TRAPPIST planetary system.

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Promoting ecotourism between India and Japan

Much of Assam and Japan’s eco-tourism initiatives are about protecting the natural world and rejuvenating rural communities; the two go hand-in-hand on many of the tours and nature trails

Last month was second hottest May on record: NASA

Last month was the second-warmest May in 137 years of modern record-keeping of average global temperatures, according to NASA.

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Chinese scientists beam back ‘entangled’ photons from space

Chinese scientists on Thursday reported a successful transmission of "entangled" photon pairs from space to ground stations separated by 1,200 km, a major technical breakthrough towards quantum commun

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Solar power forecast to shut down coal plants increasingly fast

The scenario suggests green energy is taking root more quickly than most experts anticipate. It would mean that global carbon dioxide pollution from fossil fuels may decline after 2026.

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Uttar Pradesh, Bihar in Niti Aayog’s list for health sector makeover

Niti Aayog has shortlisted five states, including Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, for a programme to build future 'role model' states in terms of better healthcare system, while it named Jharkhand, Chhattisg

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