Kerala highlights new experiences in Tourism Policy 2017

The policy emphasises on the participation of the differently-abled and transgenders, while implementing the Responsible Tourism Mission across the state to promote the tourism sector

Martian features carved out by flowing sand, not water: Study

Dark features on Mars, that were thought to be evidence of liquid water flowing on the red planet, were created by moving sand and dust, a study suggests.

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World’s first 3D Sanskrit film with song sequences wins hearts at IFFI 2017

Anurakthi, world's first Sanskrit film in 3D, is grabbing all the eyeballs in the Film Bazaar at International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2017.

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Babymoon vacation on rise in India: Survey

The survey has revealed that 82 per cent of the pregnant women wish to go on a Babymoon and the most preferred time is the second trimester

Exhibition on lost folk community culture to be held in New Delhi

The exhibition-cum-haat will bring together 14 Indian and international artists and indigenous communities of Ichol and Maihar cities of Madhya Pradesh

Man builds rocket from scrap; ode to passion is a steam-powered projectile! Oh yes, he thinks earth is flat

Mike Hughes is a self-taught rocket scientist, who spent the last few years making a steam-powered rocket from scrap parts in his garage.

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NASA’s first parachute test for Mars 2020 mission successful

NASA has successfully tested a supersonic landing parachute that will be deployed in its Mars rover mission set to launch in 2020.

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Mars 2020 mission performs first supersonic parachute test: NASA

NASA has completed the first test of its Mars 2020 mission's parachute-testing series, the Advanced Supersonic Parachute Inflation Research Experiment (ASPIRE), the US space agency announced.

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‘The idea of weekend doesn’t exist’: Anirban Das Blah, Founder and MD, KWAN Entertainment

My phone and my iPad are my travelling office — they are my communication device, my entertainment centre and also store all my books.

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Take 5

I only find fictional characters inspiring. I admire Frodo Baggins, Captain Kirk, Sheldon Cooper, Chandler Bing, The Godfather and Veeru of Sholay.

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A ‘job’ well done?

With increasing access to internet and growing aspirations of the young working population, used goods marketplaces are now also bridging the gap between job seekers and employers

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Starved for ideas

Snickers’ latest campaign adds no new flavour, when compared to its previous avatars

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Fbb has helped broaden our consumer profile

Sales were little muted for a few days in the South due to unseasonal rains but overall, the festive season has done really well for us. Future Retail brought modern retail to India.

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Brick by brick: Viacom18’s growth mantra

A decade into the game, and Viacom18 finds itself now taking calculated steps to have more segmented offerings and develop an ecosystem to be present across platforms,

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‘Ad’ding to the experience

Experiential advertising and gamification are wooing millennials, and how

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Around The World

Starbucks Coffee Company has opened the first Princi bakery and café location in the US at its Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle.

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Need to double number of operational satellites, says ISRO chief AS Kiran Kumar

To meet the sky-rocketing domestic technology and knowledge-based demands, India's space agency needs to at least double the number of operational satellites in the coming days, Indian Space Research

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Scientists send message to contact alien life

With the aim of contacting alien life, astronomers have sent a radio message to a neighbouring star system - one of the closest known to contain a potentially habitable planet.

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Chicken poop could replace coal in electricity generation

Treated excrement from chickens, turkeys and other poultry, when converted to combustible solid biomass fuel, could replace coal as a renewable energy source, says a study.

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Maharashtra Tourism presents ‘Talent Street’ at Kala Ghoda

The officials of MCGM are requesting artists to send applications and thus inspiring many promising artists to take part in this event in the coming weeks

NASA shows how Earth changed in 20 years

NASA scientists have compiled a captivating video that maps how the Earth's surface has changed over a span of 20 years, using data from various satellites.

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Planet X Nibiru to destroy Earth today? Here is what doomsday conspiracy theorists have predicted

The doomsday conspiracy theorists have predicted that Planet X which is also known as Nibiru is likely to trigger a series of apocalyptic earthquakes on November 19 which will lead to the destruction

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Book review of The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google by Scott Galloway

The big four, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google, have generated unprecedented wealth and inspiration. But there’s another side to their success story. These excerpts from Scott Galloway’s The Fou

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Book review: Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8: A Young Man’s Voice from the Silence of Autism Naoki Higashida Hachette

The story of Naoki Higashida of Japan, detected with autism when he was five years old, takes us beyond a simple tale of hope, courage and determination. It makes us marvel about the wondrous and infi

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Spectacle on a plate: Here is how dishes are reinvented at Masala Library in Delhi

El Bulli might have shut down, but Ferran Adrià continues to influence food globally. We see similar techniques coupled with Indian flavours at Masala Library in the capital.

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Love chocolates? The Fat Duck chef Billie McKay tells what goes on inside Heston Blumenthal’s kitchen

Blumenthal, who is known for advocating scientific understanding in cooking, was an intimidating figure for McKay as she had never worked in a kitchen before.

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All about bordeaux, beers and bonhomie

The French embassy decided to treat us to a host of their wines from various wine regions, from Champagne to Burgundy and even some very exquisite exceptionally-aged Armagnacs and ‘Agricole’ rums.

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