World Kidney Day: The chronic burden of Kidney disorders in India

World Kidney Day: It is currently one of the most commonly occurring non-communicable diseases in India. The most common cause of CKD in population-based studies is diabetes.

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Are you into exotic fine Arts? 40 paintings on offer in this auction you shouldn’t miss

Not just for your home décor, simply by hanging on your wall, art appreciates in value. This online auction will put out some stellar work for art collectors.

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83 supermassive black holes found in early universe

This finding, published in The Astrophysical Journal, increases the number of black holes known at that epoch considerably, and reveals, for the first time, how common they are early in the universe's

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India seeks visa-free access for pilgrims to Kartarpur shrine

This was the first meeting between an Indian and a Pakistani delegation since tensions between the two countries spiked after the terror attack in Pulwama, followed by retaliatory air strikes.

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World Sleep Day tomorrow: Sleep is the best stress-buster

Sleep is a primary human need, and when we don’t get enough of it, just about every facet of our functioning is affected. We tend to move slower. We are less productive. We are more irritable.

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Pregnancy music for expectant mothers benefits babies, according to researchers

According to the findings of the researchers, classical music triggered the greatest level of foetal reaction at 84%, followed by traditional music at 79%.

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Green tea may cut obesity risk, other health disorders: Study

Green tea may reduce the risk of obesity and a number of inflammatory biomarkers linked with poor health, a study conducted in mice suggests.

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61% office-goers in India want commuting time to be included in working hours: Survey

The survey was independently managed by MindMetre Research and the sample is highly representative of senior managers and owners in businesses across the globe, spanning a variety of industries.

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Holi festivities begin in Mathura; Know dates of Lathmar holi and other celebrations in Braj

Holi is celebrated with traditional fervour and enthusiasm across the country but Holi of Brij region is famous worldwide especially the 'lathmar' holi of Barsana town in Mathura.

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Coffee grown by Andhra tribals impresses Anand Mahindra; AP’s Araku valley coffee sets new record

19 years ago Araku Coffee was started as a tribal empowerment enterprise by Naandi Foundation, an NGO working for marginalised groups from a life of exploitation and unemployment.

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Woman for Mars! First human to land on the Red Planet likely to be of the fairer sex, reveals NASA chief

"It is also true that the first person on Mars is likely to be a woman," Bridenstine said during a recent interview on the science and technology radio talk show "Science Friday."

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Going on a foreign trip? This is why Travel Insurance is a must

You might not feel the need to get it now but a number of unexpected circumstances could arise prior to your trip where all your money from airfares to bookings and other arrangements could turn into

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NASA to study untouched Moon samples from Apollo missions for first time

"This exploration will bring with it new and unique samples into the best labs right here on Earth," Zurbuchen said in a statement.

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New species of ‘Starry dwarf frog’ found in Western Ghats

However, A kurichiyana is not only a new species to science. It is the sole member of an ancient lineage, a long branch on the frog tree of life that researchers have classified as a new subfamily, As

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Herbs can be effective in prevention & management of kidney ailments: Experts

Sanchit Sharma, executive director of Aimil Pharmaceuticals, which is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of herbal drug Neeri KFT, said it was after numerous tests that this formulation had been d

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Good news for nature enthusiasts! Gahirmatha may witness 2nd mass nesting of turtles this year

Over five lakh turtles have so far converged on the beach for mass nesting, that commenced on February 27, said S A Mishra, Assistant Conservator of Forest, Rajnagar Mangrove (Wildlife) Forest Divisio

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ISRO’s big achievement: South American countries look towards India for low cost satellite launches

Experts have indicated to Financial Express Online that in the South American Region, India could become a strategic partner to boost its space program at low cost and the cooperation in the Space sec

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Meet ‘Kumbh Kay Shravan Kumars’: Volunteers who helped elderly in their pilgrimage

An innovative yet simple solution for a complex problem gave way for “Kumbh Kay Shravan” aiding elderly devotees complete the last mile of their spiritual journey.

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Shopping set to change forever? AI can spot potential thieves before they act

While artificial intelligence is popularly referred to in the context of self-driving cars, now it can be used to spot potential shoplifters and detect a crime before it happens.

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Tirupati Darshan Booking: No more VIP preference at Lord Balaji temple at Tirumala

For senior citizens and physically challenged pilgrims, the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams have arranged for a special darshan from a separate gate and two time slots are made available for the same.

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Wall Street’s new dress code sends clear message: Be what you want to be! 

A Yale study in 2014 brought out some interesting findings citing how those dressed poorly compared to those wearing suits clinched less valuable deals in terms of average profit.

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Four-days work week: What would Indians do in the extra weekoff? See the surprising results!

While all nations rate spending time with family and travel as their top two desires, the remaining top five “more time” wish lists vary by country. Employees in France, Germany, U.S., and the U.K

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The best thing you can do to stay healthy: Sleep right!

This World Sleep Day on March 15 let us take a pledge for a healthy sleeping pattern for a healthy lifestyle. Take resolution for the right number of sleeping hours and sleeping style.

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Savour different platters to make you feel special!

Women! Go with your friends and feel special with special ambience created only for you. Some restaurants have something exclusive for you.

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Kedarnath temple opening and closing dates for 2019

Kedarnath temple opening, closing dates for 2019: Portals of Kedarnath to reopen on May 9.

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How millennials’ love for wildlife and adventure tourism is boosting travel industry

The new generation has a more curious mind when it comes to travel, they are not just satisfied being a tick mark traveller as their parents.

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New optical imaging system to help find tiny tumours

The researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US used their imaging system, named "DOLPHIN," which relies on near-infrared light, to track a 0.1-millimetre fluorescent prob

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