How Earth got its continents discovered

Scientists have unveiled how continents were formed on Earth over 2.5 billion years ago - and how those processes have continued for the last 70 million years...

Earth, continents, continents on earth, earth continents, earth continents discovery, science news

Jammu and Kashmir floods: Media against Valley, hurting business, says industry

The tourist arrivals in picturesque Kashmir may drop significantly this season as travel industry blamed television news channels for hyping the flood situation in the Valley

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Inaugural Formula E Grand Prix to launch in Monaco on May 9, 2015

On May 9, 2015, Monaco, one of the world’s most iconic racing destinations will host the first Formula E Grand Prix

Lifestyle News

Tallest hotel in the world to be built in Swiss Alps

Swiss entrepreneur Remo Stoffel has unveiled a design for what promises to become the world’s tallest hotel

Tallest hotel in the world to be built in Swiss Alps

Paracetamol useless in relieving low back pain: Study reveals

Paracetamol was never a systematic review of the evidence for the drug's usage to treat low back pain, confirmed after 13 clinical trials...

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Moon’s first settlers may live in lava tubes

The first human settlers on the Moon may live inside giant lava tubes large enough to house cities, which were formed by ancient volcanic eruptions...

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Food and Wine magazine names 2015 most promising U.S. chefs

A former scientist and a blues guitar fan were among the 11 most promising chefs in the United States named by Food & Wine magazine on Tuesday.

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Brief total lunar eclipse coming April 4

Brief lunar eclipse should be visible at 0935 GMT, and the total eclipse begins at 1134 GMT.

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Origins of body odour decoded

Scientists have identified a unique set of enzymes in a bacterium that is responsible for unpleasant body odour in humans.

Origins of body odour decoded

Lunar eclipse to be visible all over India on April 4

There will be a lunar eclipse on April 4 which would be visible from all over India, depending on weather conditions, an expert....

Lunar eclipse, Lunar eclipse in India, India Lunar eclipse, April 4, Lunar Eclipse on April 4, surya grahan, Chandra Grahan, Sun, moon, earth, science news

NASA’s Saturn spacecraft returns to realm of icy moons

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has returned to equatorial orbits around Saturn after nearly two years...

Saturn, Saturn news, Saturn planet, superstorm on Saturn, saturn water, ways of water on saturn, saturn ways of water, science news

TripHobo raises US$ 3 million in series B funding

User-generated travel itineraries aggragator, TripHobo has raised US$ three million

TripHobo raises US$ 3 million in series B funding

Swine flu: What you should know

The recent wave of swine flu pandemic underway in India has had thousands of victims in its grip and it is imperative to be acquainted with the right information...

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Scientists create ‘Google Maps’ for human body

A revolutionary imaging technology can create a zoomable 'Google map' of the body and could prove to be a game-changer for medicine, scientists say.

Scientists create ‘Google Maps’ for human body

An apple a day may not keep the doctor away: Study

An apple a day may not keep the doctor away, according to a new research which found that daily apple...

apple, apple a day, apple a day doctor away, apple a day doctor away, apple eater, apple doctors, health news

Boys, girls are equal in number at conception: Study

Boys and girls are equal in number at conception, but more female fetuses die during pregnancy, leading to a slightly higher number of males...

women pregnancy News

Air pollution: Here’s how to overcome harmful effects of the blight

Health benefits of exercise outweigh the harmful effects of air pollution, meaning you can workout in the city worry free, a new Danish study has found.

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Indian pilots may be subjected to psychometric tests

Pilots of Indian air carriers may now be subjected to mid-term psychometric tests to ensure that they are mentally fit to fly..

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Fastest rotating man-made object ever created

Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have made it to the Guinness Book of World Records after creating the fastest rotating man-made object to date...

fastest rotating object, Fastest rotating man-made object, optical tweezers, calcium sphere, Science news

ISRO successfully completes IRNSS-ID orbit raising operation

The first orbit raising operation of latest navigation satellite IRNSS-1D has been successfully completed, ISR...

ISRO, IRNSS 1D, ISRO launch, Isro IRNSS 1D launch News

It takes 38 minutes to fall through Earth!

It would only take a person 38 minutes to fall all the way through the centre of the Earth, instead of the commonly accepted 42 minutes.

Earth, continents, continents on earth, earth continents, earth continents discovery, science news

Mobile app to remind you about your medicine timings

MyHealthSaverz', developed by HealthSaverz, is available on Android and iOS platforms users...

glenmark pharma News

Fresh evidence for groundwater on Mars

Investigation says, such conditions in a similar Earth environment would have been conducive for microbial colonisation...

mars News

Gene that drives most aggressive breast cancer identified

Australian researchers have found a gene that drives the most aggressive of breast cancers, and are hoping...

breast, breat cancer, Gene, breast cancer Gene, health news

Bacterial protein may prevent antibiotic resistance

An important bacterial protein called UmuD may help prevent antibiotic resistance...

antibiotic, antibiotic resistance, bacteria, health news

The kings of summer

Men’s fashion has undergone a major upheaval in recent times.

The kings of summer

Know on the go

How traditional on-site inspection scores with real-time social media reviews of hotels and resorts can help you make an informed decision during your travel plans.

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