New method produces flavourful, antioxidant-rich chocolate

Researchers have found a way to make chocolate more flavourful and nutritious with greater levels of antioxidants.

chocolate, chocolate flavours, chocolate nutrition, antioxidants, antioxidants in chocolate, low blood pressure, cholesterol, health news

Tuberculosis major killer disease in Ganjam

With over 200 people dying every year, tuberculosis has emerged as a major killer disease in Ganjam district of Odisha after the AIDS.

Tuberculosis major killer disease in Ganjam

Hospitality in the heart of Chambal ravines

The expansive Fort Rampura in Chambal ravines is a unique homestay for those who are keen to explore an interesting new destination in India's hinterlands.

Hospitality in the heart of Chambal ravines

Mars mission completes 6 months, life extended by 6 months more

The country's low-cost Mars mission, that completed six months of rendezvous with the red planet...

mars, Mars mission, Mars mission life, Mars mission time, science news

PPP the way forward for Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) will soon be adopting the Public Private Partnership (PPP) route to enhance the tourism infrastructure in the state

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New low-calorie rice can help cut obesity rates

Scientists have developed a new, simple way to cook rice that could cut the number of calories absorbed by the body by more than half...

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Wandering Jupiter changed our solar system

Jupiter may have swept through the early solar system like a wrecking ball, destroying any newly-formed super-Earths...

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Stars may produce sound!

A team of Indian and UK scientists has found experimental evidence that stars may generate sound...

stars, stars sound, stars produce sound, science news

Gold in feces worth millions: Study

Human feces contains gold, silver and other metals which could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, say scientists...

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Musafir dot com to introduce ‘Travel with Tendulkar’

UAE headquartered online travel agency which forayed into the India market in 2013, is all set to launch a new concept 'Travel with Tendulkar' from May 2015

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Indian travellers planning more international trips in 2015: TripAdvisor

Globally, two in five travellers are planning to spend more on travel in 2015 than they did last year, with travellers twice as likely to increase rather than decrease their travel budgets

Indian travellers planning more international trips in 2015: TripAdvisor

World’s largest asteroid impact zone discovered in Australia

Scientists have discovered a 400 km-wide impact zone from a huge meteorite in central Australia which is the largest asteroid impact zone ever found on Earth.

asteroid, asteroid belt, largest asteroid impact zone, australia, meteorite, meteorite impact zone, meteorite fact, science latest news

India needs comprehensive tax policy for curbing tobacco use: WHO

India needs to draft a comprehensive tax policy for all tobacco products if it wants to cut down the easy access to the plethora of low-cost and locally produced tobacco products available in the coun

tax on tobacco News

Asia’s top 10 fine-dining restaurants of 2015

The World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ list first appeared in the Restaurant magazine in 2002 as a feature...

Asia’s top 10 fine-dining restaurants of 2015

Roman rendezvous

Italian fashion house Fendi celebrates its 90th anniversary by moving its headquarters to the historic Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in the capital city

Roman rendezvous

Lens rover: Photographs by Genoveva Casanova

Genoveva Casanova, a Mexican photographer and humanitarian worker, finds a troubling canvas of civilisation on the faces of women and children refugees across the world

Lens rover: Photographs by Genoveva Casanova

Stuff of legend

The seemingly easy and familiar task of laying a Banarasi paan is an art, with generations involved in the profession

Stuff of legend

Chinese airline completes cooking oil fuel flight

Chinese airline today completed the country's first commercial flight using biofuel, made from waste cooking oil...

Chinese airline, cooking oil fuel flight, chinese airline fuel flight, chinese airline cooking oil, science news

Puducherry: Experience Goa of South

Often dubbed as 'The Europe of India', Puducherry is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South India offering a unique mix of cultural heritage.

Club Mahindra resort, Puducherry1 News

Oxytocin may have turned dogs into man’s best friend

Oxytocin, the so-called love hormone, may have helped dogs evolve into 'man's best friend', a new study suggests.

dogs, mans best friend, dogs man, dogs man friend, Oxytocin, Oxytocin dogs News

New technology to select healthiest sperm to boost IVF

Researchers are adapting a new technology to select the healthiest and best swimming sperm from a sample of semen...

New technology to select healthiest sperm to boost IVF

Solar eclipse sweeps across Atlantic, visible only from remote islands

A solar eclipse swept across the Atlantic Ocean on Friday with the moon set to block out the sun for a few thousand sky gazers...

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UAE, Singapore, Thailand emerges as top summer destination for Indian travellers

Summer travel is the peak travel season for families in India

UAE, Singapore, Thailand emerges as top summer destination for Indian travellers

‘Missing culprit’ in heart failure identified

Scientists have identified what they describe as "the long-sought culprit" behind a cell-signalling breakdown that triggers heart failure.

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‘Golden Rice’ can curb Vitamin A-linked diseases in India: Activist

Genetically-engineered 'Golden Rice' can successfully address the problem of Vitamin-A deficiency in India...

rabi and kharif crop News

Maharashtra seeks Rs 100 cr aid to tackle swine flu

With over 294 deaths in the state due to swine flu in this year alone, Maharashtra has demanded Rs 100 crore...

Maharashtra seeks Rs 100 cr aid to tackle swine flu

Cow urine can cure cancer, says BJP member in Rajya Sabha

Cow urine is effective in curing cancer completely, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member Shankarbhai N claimed in Rajya Sabha...

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