South Africans make bricks from human urine

South African researchers say they have made bricks using human urine in a natural process involving colonies of bacteria, which could one day help reduce global warming emissions by finding a product

India’s first indigenous microprocessor launched by IIT-Madras

According to IIT-M, the product would assist the defence, nuclear power and government agencies in reducing the threat from systems infected with back-doors and hardware Trojans.

Therapeutic contact lens could treat eye injuries

Australian scientists are developing a therapeutic contact lens that acts as a bandage for eye surface injuries, and could fast track the healing of previously difficult to treat corneal wounds.

NASA’s Dawn mission to asteroid belt ends

NASA's Dawn spacecraft has gone silent, ending an 11-year-old historic mission to explore the two largest bodies in the main asteroid belt, Vesta and Ceres, the US space agency said.

China launches new high-orbit satellite to boost its global navigation system

China on Friday successfully launched a high orbit satellite to boost its home-grown BeiDou global satellite navigation system being built to rival United States Global Position System (GPS).

UN finds 486 million in Asia still hungry, progress stalled

Despite rapid economic growth, the Asia-Pacific region has nearly a half billion people who go hungry as progress stalls in improving food security and basic living conditions, a United Nations report

Low-fat diet may help increase cancer survival chances in kids, says Study

A low-fat diet may help increase the cancer survival rate of obese children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the most common childhood cancer, a study claims.

World’s last wilderness may vanish due to human activity: Study

The world's last wilderness areas are rapidly disappearing due to human activities, according to a study which found that between 1993 and 2009 an area larger than India was lost to settlement, farmin

Indian, US satellites find black hole that spins near maximum possible rates

Scientists using data from India's first dedicated astronomy satellite, AstroSat, and NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory have found that a black hole in the binary star system 4U 1630-47 spins close t

Bingeing on Netflix, Amazon Prime? You might be an addict, need help

Long hours before the screen, bingeing on your favourite show as the night slips into dawn and another day beckons – that this all too familiar scenario can spiral into a medically certifiable addic

‘China successfully conducts vertical landing test of space rocket’

China has successfully carried out a vertical landing test of a carrier rocket which will promote the development of a reusable space transportation system, official media reported Thursday.

NASA bids goodbye to planet-hunting Kepler space telescope

NASA has decided to retire its Kepler space telescope that discovered more than 2,600 planets and ran out of fuel needed for further science operations.

Vegan diet may lower type 2 diabetes risk, says study

A vegan diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and seeds, with no or few animal products, may significantly lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a study claims.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex visit the WETA designed UK War Memorial

At almost five metres tall, the monument joins together two of the UK and New Zealand’s most iconic trees

Have brains bigger than others? This study says you are at greater cancer risk

The more brain cells you have, the higher is the risk of developing brain cancer, according to a study.

Apart from scenic beauty, world’s tallest Chenrezig statue in Sikkim to woo tourists from November

According to the Sikkim government, the pilgrim site at Pelling, West Sikkim, will play host to the tallest Chenrezig statue in the world at an elevation of 7200 metres.

NASA Parker Solar Probe breaks record for closest approach to Sun

NASA's Parker Solar Probe has clinched the record for closest approach to the Sun by a man-made object, the US space agency said.

Dwarf galaxy close to Milky Way dying from loss of energy, says study

A dwarf galaxy near the Milky Way called the Small Magellanic Cloud is slowly dying from gradual loss of energy to form stars, said a study by Australian astronomers published on Tuesday.

NASA sets world record with its “supersonic parachute” for the Mars 2020 mission

NASA has created a world record with its "supersonic parachute" for the Mars 2020 mission that survived 37,000 kg load and was deployed in just four-tenths of a second -- twice the speed of sound.

To check pollution, scientists produce ‘environment friendly’ crackers

Scientists at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have developed "environment friendly" firecrackers which produce 30-35 per cent less particulate matter, Science and Technology

Delhi air pollution alert! Tiny particles can increase chances of stroke among youngsters, say experts

Tiny air pollution particles can also increase the risk of stroke in youngsters and healthy people by damaging the inner lining of their veins and arteries, according to medical experts.

Come experience Goa this November

Though every month in Goa is a unique experience, there is something special about the month of November, which is also often the best time to visit the state

Hubble space telescope returns to science operations, says NASA

NASA's famed Hubble Space Telescope has returned to normal operations, and completed its first science observations after a failed orienting tool forced engineers to put it in safe mode earlier this m

Rocket carrying 1st UAE-made satellite Ibuki-2 launched from Japan

A Japanese rocket carrying the United Arab Emirates' first locally made satellite has lifted off from a space center in southern Japan.

Book review: The Aadhaar Effect by NS Ramnath, Charles Assisi

An evaluation of the unique identity scheme that falls just short of critically examining the necessity of the exercise.

The Beauty of All My Days: Ruskin Bond’s memoir is a beautiful amalgamation

With this book, Bond also debunks the myth that memory begins to fail one with advancing age, as he presents in vivid detail every life-altering experience he has had.

Book review; Sponge: Leadership Lessons I learnt from My clients by Ambi Parameswaran

Ambi Parameswaran’s book is a practical demonstration of leadership qualities in the advertising and marketing world.

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