Less mating, more greens equals a longer life in reptiles

A slow pace of life, including reduced reproductive rates and a plant-rich diet, can increase the lifespan of reptiles, a new study has found.

Wi-Fi services in Indian airports better than many European countries:Survey

Free airport Wi-Fi is nearly a given across Asia, but for Indians travelling to Europe, the picture is different

Gravity saved the universe from collapse after Big Bang

Physicists have describe how gravity provided the stability needed for the universe to survive expansion in that early period.

Indian diabetics consume high amount of carbohydrates: study

Indian diabetes population consumes higher than recommended carbohydrates in their diet, the study says.

Three Indian cities in ‘Best Value City Index 2015’ top 100 hotels list

Three cities - Amritsar, Jaisalmer and Thiruvananthapuram - feature in the top 100 list of hotels...

Man tests positive for Ebola, kept under isolation

Indian national returning from Liberia has tested positive for the deadly virus and has been quarantined at a special facility at Delhi airport.

Man from Rajasthan shows Ebola-like symptoms

A 35-year-old man, who showed Ebola-like symptoms, was kept at an isolation ward at Sawai Man Singh Hospital before he left for Delhi.

GPS satellites may help find dark matter

The Global Positioning System (GPS) may be an effective tool to directly detect and measure dark matter...

Earth smashed by 556 fiery asteroids in last 20 years

Over 556 small asteroids smashed into the Earth over the last 20-years, NASA researchers have found...

Water flow on early Mars was episodic

Mars was at some point warm enough for liquid water to flow on its surface but that warmth...

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Scat samples can now reveal more about tigers

By examining the scat samples of carnivores like tigers and leopards, field biologists can now identify their species...

Soap additive may cause cancer, liver disease

Long-term exposure to triclosan, an ingredient found in soaps, shampoos, toothpastes and many other household...

How carbon dioxide moves around the Earth!

An ultra-high-resolution NASA computer model has given scientists a stunning new look...

IndiGo to launch six flights across four destinations

IndiGo, India's low-cost and low-carbon airline, has announced six new daily non-stop flights connecting Delhi...

NASA installs first zero-gravity 3D printer on ISS

The world's first zero-gravity 3D printer has been installed by NASA on the International Space Station...

Gulf Air to increase flights to Thiruvananthapuram

The airline will operate a daily service starting from December 5, 2014 between Bahrain and Thiruvananthapuram

Scientists ‘confident’ comet lander will wake up

There is a strong chance Europe's comet lander will wake up from hibernation as it nears the sun...

Heart stents may require longer blood thinner use

Millions of people with stents that prop open clogged heart arteries may need anti-clotting drugs...

India leads in pre-term birth complication deaths: Study

Over 3.6 lakh children under age five die from pre-term birth complications each year in India...

Elephant kills mahout; flees to forest with tourists on back

A rampaging elephant killed his mahout and fled into the nearby forest carrying a Russian female...

Tourism Puerto Rico launches agricultural tourism programme

Agricultural Tourism is a form of sustainable tourism, in which the visitor has the opportunity to learn about agricultural areas

American Express partners with MakeMyTrip to launch travel credit card

American Express and MakeMyTrip, has launched the new 'American Express MakeMyTrip Credit Card'

Magic tricks created using artificial intelligence

In a first, researchers working on artificial intelligence have taught a computer...

Ten second kiss can transfer 80 million bacteria

Couples, take note! As many as 80 million bacteria are transferred during 10 seconds of kissing...

Indian airports ahead of European countries in Wi-Fi service: Skyscanner

IGI Airport in New Delhi, India's busiest airport of the country, offers free Wi-Fi for 45 minutes and charges Rs 99 for the following hour.

River cruise on Gujarat’s Sabarmati soon

Adding to the exotic charm of Sabarmati waterfront-- Prime Minister Narendra Modi's pet...

How Twitter grabs your attention decoded

A strong emotional arousal may be driving some Twitter users to get obsessed...

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