Scientists say water can be turned into hydrogen fuel – here’s how

Scientists say they have developed a highly stable material that helps split water molecules for hydrogen fuel production.

Start up Expo co-hosted by Lufthansa-TiE Delhi-NCR to open on October 6 in Delhi

Over 100 investors, 500 experts and thousands of participants are expected to attend the unique one-day event, widely recognised as India’s largest ecosystem for start-up success

Sedentary lifestyle, obesity, stress, lack of sleep key factors for diabetes: Experts

Sedentary lifestyle, obesity, stress, dietary habits and lack of sleep are among the key factors contributing to the prevalence of diabetes, health experts said.

You can now order experimental Martian soil for $20 per kg

The University of Central Florida (UCF) in the US has a unique product to sell - experimental Martian and asteroid soil. Interested buyers can get it for $20 a kg plus shipping.

Aspirin may reduce cancer spread, says study

Taking aspirin can boost the survival of cancer patients and reduce the risk of the disease to others parts of the body, say scientists.

With 50-100% growth rate, Teen Patti, Rumy, Poker are kings of online gaming in India

Online card games estimated to grow 50-100% y-o-y in terms of revenue; online gaming industry to touch Rs 11,880 crore by 2023 in the country.

Epicuriosity: From lip-smacking pickles to tandoori tea – know about Jaipur’s delicacy treasures away from tourist places

Away from the touristy claptrap, there is a different Jaipur. One that reveals itself to those who wander away from tourist guides and maps—a Jaipur that throbs like no other city, interweaving its

Call of Beauty: Cosmetic market is getting a makeover – know about brands bringing revolution in your vanity case

Indian consumers no longer need to look at foreign cosmetic brands, as a slew of Indian companies are changing the rules of the game with their unique and innovative offerings. From crowdsourced produ

Masterchef Australia’s Gary Mehigan partners with Nicobar, brings stylish cookware to India

Gary Mehigan, one of the three famous judges of Masterchef Australia has partnered with Nicobar, a stylish and contemporary Indian brand, and brought out a collection of cookware which fuses Indian an

Great step towards low-cost healthcare! IIT-Bombay kickstarts a Medical Device Innovation Camp

The Biomedical Engineering and Technology incubation Center (BETiC) at IIT-Bombay Friday kickstarted a Medical Device Innovation Camp (MEDIC) to enable doctors and engineers innovate for low-cost heal

World Heart Day on September 29: India, China among countries with highest diabetes, CVD deaths

According to International Diabetes Federation's ‘Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease report, in 2015, approximately five million were estimated to have died from diabetes, the majority of these as

‘Video is a growth opportunity’

lnterview: Erin Chao, Head of APAC Platforms, Oath

After Hours: Sharad Agarwal, Head, Automobili Lamborghini India

I love my job because it keeps me inspired and driven he says.

The Mad Men or the ‘math men’?

A look at whether brands can craft a story with meaningful experiences that harness data

New smartphone-based system to test for lead in water

Scientists say they have created an inexpensive system, using a smartphone and a lens made with an inkjet printer, that can detect lead in tap water at levels commonly accepted as dangerous.

Obese or overweight? Study says higher BMI may lower your mental, physical health

There is a growing need to prevent obesity as a new study has found that higher body mass index (BMI) may impact your mental as well as physical health.

NASA spots silent Opportunity rover on Mars

A NASA Mars orbiter has spotted the agency's Opportunity rover on the Red Planet for the first time since it went into hibernation after a dust storm swept over the region a little more than 100 days

Even one fracture can reduce your bone density

Breaking a bone can cause bone density losses throughout the body, not just close to the site of the fracture and primarily around the time of the fracture, results from two studies have showed.

Cassini spots dust storms on Saturn’s moon Titan

NASA's Cassini spacecraft have revealed giant dust storms in the equatorial regions of Saturn's moon Titan, making it the third space body after Earth and Mars where dust storms have been observed.

Ancient Mars may have supported underground life

Ancient Mars had an ample supply of key ingredients for microbes to thrive under its surface for millions of years, a study has found. Lacking energy from sunlight, subterranean microbes on Earth -- k

Want to lose weight fast? High carb diet may help you, says study

A diet rich in healthy carbohydrates -- found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains -- can reduce body weight and improve insulin function in overweight individuals, a study claims.

Scientists decode Darwinian paradox, suggest homosexuality is genetic

Will homosexuality eventually be extinct? With new evidence suggesting that homosexual behaviour is governed primarily by genetic influences and gay couples reproducing significantly less than heteros

New method created to turn plant waste into fuel

Scientists have created a ready-to-use recipe to turn sawdust into gasoline, which can help existing gas plants generate greener fuel.

Scientists voice opposition to weakening of US Endangered Species Act

Thousands of scientists joined on Monday to accuse the Trump administration of trying to erode the Endangered Species Act in favor of commercial interests with a plan to revamp regulations that have f

Culinary tourism is a big deal but unfortunately still not taken as seriously as it should: Chef Michael Swamy

A graduate of the prestigious Cordon Bleu Culinary School, London, Chef Michael Swamy has worked with several Michelin chefs and was the food consultant for Master Chef India Season 1 & 2. His book Th

Drink too much? New drug may help curb alcoholism, depression, say scientists

Scientists say they have developed a novel drug that may treat alcoholism by reducing alcohol intake, and also reduce depression without inducing seizures.

NASA’s Mars probe beams back selfie to mark four years in orbit

NASA's MAVEN spacecraft has beamed back a selfie to mark its four years orbiting Mars and studying the upper atmosphere of the red planet.

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