PM Modi lays foundation stones for AIIMS, other projects in Jammu

The prime minister said Rs 750 crore has been granted to the state for setting up of five new medical colleges.

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A Delhi hospital which treats cancer with help of Ayurveda and Yoga

A hospital in capital Delhi has been helping to treat cancer with change in diet and life style and also by using Ayurved and Yoga.

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HIV cure: Researchers may be close to tackling the deadly virus

Brockman’s team has developed new laboratory-based methods for identifying antiviral T cells and assessing their ability to recongnise diverse HIV sequences.

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Travel tips: How to find an open minded health care while travelling abroad

For women and LGBTQ people, finding friendly medical care away from home can be a challenge. There are resources they can turn to

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Interview with Martin Gelin, Swedish Author: Crisis of information on net as big and urgent as climate change

Gelin tells about the gigantic role the internet and its tools play in our lives and what needs to be done to optimise its use

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Interview with Ben Okri, Nigerian Poet: An improperly balanced dialogue of culture today

The idea of Indians and Africans by western countries has no resemblance to Indians and Africans. They feel we are not educated. We read them more than they read about us.

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Book Review: Arabia- A Journey Through The Heart of the Middle East by Levison Wood

There seems to have been an attempt by the writer, a former officer in the British airborne infantry, to style it as some sort of insightful travelogue.

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Age old art of story telling gets a makeover: resonates from corporate clients to children

From creating awareness among children about current issues to selling an idea to a corporate client, storytelling has undergone a massive makeover to regain resonance and relevance

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Storytelling plays on the universal love for experiences, says Bianca Ghose of Wipro

To provide a sense of continuity yet freshness in the brand through storytelling is not easy, especially in large organisations, where it can be easy to forget to connect the dots.

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Todo Tranqui – It’s all good! A road journey in Uruguay to discover some of the best beaches in South America

This progressive country has long been off the radar. But it has some of the best beaches in South America and discounts for foreign travellers

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Udaipur World Music Festival: Richness of cultural diversity at its best

The festival, in its past three years, has only grown bigger. It’s the hard work of a couple of years that culminates in Udaipur

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Modern cook’s guide: How to include all staple ingredients to make cooking better and faster

When it comes to your own pantry, try to be ruthless.

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Bumble Buzz: What women can do with this unique dating app dedicated to them

Called the ‘feminist dating app’ by many, Bumble ensures female users get to be on an equal footing with men by allowing them to make the first move

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A beginner’s guide: How to make your office more ergonomically correct

A healthy workstation is one that allows you to work in a neutral, relaxed position.

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Arianespace to launch GSAT-31 on February 6

Since the launch of Indias APPLE experimental satellite on Ariane Flight L03 in 1981, Arianespace has orbited 22 satellites and signed 24 launch contracts with the Indian space agency, it said.

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Swine Flu: Rajasthan grapples with deadly H1N1 outbreak, 76 dead, over 2,000 tested positive

And it is not just Rajasthan. Around 173 people from Delhi also tested positive for Swine flu in the last six days of January 2019, data released by the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme of th

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Exercise may boost cognition even in young adults, says study

Aerobic exercise training improves cognition -- acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses -- even in young and middle-aged adults, according to a study.

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Isro sets up Human Space Flight Centre in Bengaluru for manned mission programme

Gaganyaan is the "highest priority" for ISRO in 2019, according to the space agency, and the plan is to have the first unmanned mission in December 2020 and second for July 2021.

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Goa reports zero deaths in 2018, now targets rabies-free 2020

The authorities educated 5.2 lakh children and 23,000 school teachers on the Rabies virus in the last four years and also vaccinated nearly 1 lakh dogs every year and getting 106 positive samples betw

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New system translates brain signals into speech

The breakthrough, which harnesses the power of speech synthesisers and artificial intelligence, could lead to new ways for computers to communicate directly with the brain.

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Airpocalypse: 241 Indian cities highly polluted; 139 violating air quality norms not included in NCAP, says Report

The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC) launched the five-year action plan earlier this month to reduce air pollution by 30 per cent by 2024, with 2017 as base year.

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Swine flu now hits Delhi too: Countrywide death toll rises to 169; Over 4,500 test positive

According to data issued by the government, Rajasthan recorded 1,911 cases and 75 deaths till Monday followed by Gujarat with 600 cases and 24 deaths.

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Literary Rejoice On Sea: India’s first literature festival on ship begins off Mumbai coast

The newest addition to lit fests is India's first sailing literature festival in India- Queensline Lit Festival in Mumbai.

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Air Pollution: Now download AQI India App to track air quality level in your area; know how

The name of the application is 'AQI India App' and people can easily download the same from the Google App Store.

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Bal Parishad: A unique initiative of BMC school students towards a healthier environment

The Foundation has created advocacy and leadership forums in various BMC and government-aided schools where they operate, for students to voice concerns and create action on issues related to tobacco

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NASA solar probe begins second orbit of Sun

The spacecraft has been delivering data from its instruments to Earth via the Deep Space Network, and to date more than 17 gigabits of science data has been downloaded.

NASA, NASA solar probe, second orbit of Sun, Parker Solar Probe, Deep Space Network News

NASA’s Curiosity rover clicks last selfie on Martian ridge

NASA's Curiosity rover has taken its last selfie on the twisting ridge on Mars that has been the robotic explorer's home for more than a year, the US space agency said.

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