NASA tests aircraft with shape shifting wings

NASA has successfully flight tested a revolutionary shape changing aircraft flap for the first time...

Single gene mutation could lead to infertility

A single mutation in a gene could lead to infertility by causing abnormalities in the morphology...

New technique to repair damaged tissue

Scientists may have discovered a new way to repair damaged tissues...

Walking could stave off memory decline

Living in a neighbourhood that encourages walking can stave off cognitive...

Penguin bot helps study shy antarctic birds

Researchers have developed a remote-controlled baby penguin robot to observe and analyse the behaviour of penguins in the Antarctic.

Yoga is going places

Even the most hardened yoga practitioner can fall into the rut of a boring routine. Since yoga is such a flexible sport, health institutes

Nanobodies can help boost immunity

Nanobodies - antibodies' tiny cousins - have tremendous potential as versatile and accessible...

Parkinson’s disease created in a dish

Researchers have successfully created a human stem cell disease model of Parkinson's disease in a dish...

Food a very important factor for Indian travellers: Survey

For most Indians, food is a very important part of travelling, a survey has found out...

Low vitamin D tied to asthma attacks

Raising vitamin D levels may help control flare-ups in people with asthma. Israeli researchers studied 308,000 people whose vitamin D blood levels had been recorded. They found no association of low v

Polluted: Bad air in our gym

Study finds that air in gyms contain dust, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide at levels higher than accepted standards for indoor air-quality.


Explained: Buzz of expectation around world’s first dengue vaccine from Sanofi

Drugmaker Sanofi Pasteur has announced the world’s first dengue vaccine could come in the second half of 2015.

Scientists create ‘ghosts’ in lab

In a first, Swiss researchers have succeeded in recreating a ghost illusion in the laboratory.

Five healthy snacking options on the go

While travelling, snacks are one of the must haves.

Sound-tracing cockroach cyborgs to aid rescue efforts in aftermath of disaster

Cyborg cockroaches, or biobots, can pick up sounds with small microphones and seek out the source of the sound.

Tobacco shops pose teen smoke risk

Teens are more likely to start smoking if they live in areas with large numbers of shops that sell tobacco products.

Japan scientists make see-through mice

Invisibility may still be the stuff of fictional works like Harry Potter...

Universe brighter than thought: NASA

Universe is brighter than thought, with a surprising surplus of infrared light in the dark space between galaxies.

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India is 4th most vacation-deprived nation globally: Survey

India has emerged as the fourth most vacation-deprived nation globally, with 67 per cent...

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Facebook launches Ebola charity donation button

Facebook is stepping up its efforts to fight Ebola by adding a button designed...

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Starstruck: Half of universe’s stars are orphans with no galaxy

So how did billions of stars become orphans? Violently, to say the least.

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Could learning music improve grammar skills?

A child's ability to distinguish musical rhythm is related to his or her...

Love and empathy can make you aggressive

Feelings of warmth, tenderness and sympathy can predict...

Y chromosome doesn’t affect women’s sexuality

Women born with a rare condition that gives them a Y chromosome...

High-fat diet postpones brain ageing

A high-fat diet may postpone signs of brain ageing, according to a new study...

People prefer leaders with healthy looks: study

People look for candidates with a healthy complexion when choosing a leader...

Tourism is one of the most neglected sectors in Maharashtra: Devendra Fadnavis

Fadnavis also said that many tourists come to Maharashtra, but don't linger there at all.

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