12 new genetic causes of developmental disorders identified

Scientists have discovered 12 new genetic causes of developmental disorders such as intellectual disabilities...

New cell marking technique sheds light on how brain works

Scientists have colour marked individual brain cells to help improve their understanding of how the brain works...

Stem cells used to create artificial sperm and egg

Researchers, led by an Indian-origin scientist, have for the first time used human embryonic stem cells to create primordial germ cells that give rise to egg and sperm.

How mosquitoes transmit malaria decoded

Researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have determined the genetic sequencing of 16 malaria causing mosquitoes...

Genes linked to developmental disorders

British scientists said that they had discovered 12 genes linked to developmental disorders in children...

Ancient rock shows signs of water on Mars

A new analysis of the oldest meteorite from Mars suggests that early Martian landscape had water...

 NASA satellite snaps colourful Christmas Island

A NASA satellite has captured a colourful photo of Christmas Island in the Southern Indian Ocean from space.

West Bengal govt to set up an Eco-Tourism Board soon

West Bengal government would be soon setting up an Eco-Tourism Board to develop and promote the state as an attractive eco-tourism destination

Smartphone touchscreen use leads to greater brain activity

Your smartphone touchscreen can actually change the way your thumb and brain work together, a new study has found.

Novel way to spur hair growth discovered

A new way to trigger hair growth using human skin is offering fresh hope of a cure for baldness, scientists say.

NASA black hole telescope snaps Sun in high-energy X-rays

A NASA space telescope designed to study black holes has taken its first picture of the Sun, producing the most sensitive solar portrait ever taken in high-energy X-rays.

Scientists ‘map’ water vapour in Martian atmosphere

Scientists, including NASA researchers, have created a 'map' of the distribution of water vapour in Mars' atmosphere.

Suicide risk linked to insomnia, alcohol use

Alcohol use is associated with an increased risk of suicide and this increase may be partially due to insomnia symptoms, a new study has found.

Air travel trends for 2015

OAG, one of the market leaders in aviation intelligence, has announced the key findings of its ‘What is shaping air travel in 2015?’ trends report

New teaser of ‘Game of Thrones’ season five released

A new teaser of popular fantasy drama 'Game of Thrones' season five has been released, which shows character Tyrion Lannister...

Fast food may harm your kid’s academic performance

Fast food may slow the brain and make children perform worse in school, a new study has warned.

Editorial: Carbon Prints

With Nasa’s OCO-2 mission, it gets easier to monitor CO2 emission and gauge heat sinks’ capacities

International tourism numbers to hit record high: UNWTO

The latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer states that international tourism is set to hit a new record by the end of 2014 with over 1.1 billion international tourists travelling the world in one single

TripAdvisor reveals travel trend forecast for 2015

TripAdvisor has launched its annual travel round-up for 2014 and trends forecast for the coming year

Las Vegas records 40 million visitors in 2014

Las Vegas reached a historic milestone, exceeding 40 million visitors for the first time

Diabetic kids have slower brain growth

Young children with type 1 diabetes have slower brain growth compared to their non-diabetic peers, a new study has found.


Could virtual body swapping help end racism?

Adults who felt as if they had children's bodies processed perceptual information and aspects of themselves as being more childlike.

Lost memories can be restored

Researchers may be able to restore lost memories in early-stage Alzheimer's patients, suggests a new study which found that long-term...

ISRO’s unmanned crew module reaches Chennai

Three days after it was recovered from sea, ISRO's unmanned crew module was today brought to Kamarajar Port...

NASA plans airships, floating city for manned Venus mission

NASA plans to send solar-powered airships to explore Venus' atmosphere...

1.7 lakh Indians’ names on NASA’s Orion crew module

As India celebrated its success in testing an unmanned space crew module on Thursday, over 1.7 lakh Indians...

Delhi University researchers develop haemoglobin-based blood substitute

Unavailability of blood in emergency situations such as accidents or battlefield trauma will no longer be a problem...

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