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Motivator Nupur Tewari’s ‘HealIndya’ programme comes to Jammu and Kashmir

What makes her stand head over shoulders above others is the fact that she’s faced more than share of adversity and emerged victorious as she painstakingly aspires to inspire.

Motivator Nupur Tewari’s ‘HealIndya’ programme comes to Jammu and Kashmir
Nupur is leaving no stone unturned to ameliorate the suffering of troubled minds. (Photo source)

By Farooq Wani

US President Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919) once said, “Believe you can and you’re halfway there” and to my mind, this quote aptly describes the positive outlook that Nupur Tewari, a motivational speaker who has inspired tens of thousands of people across the world to turn their lives around for the better. What makes her stand head over shoulders above others is the fact that she’s faced more than share of adversity and emerged victorious as she painstakingly aspires to inspire.

Born in the small village named Pratappur in West Bengal’s Murshidabad District, Nupur today is a class apart. She effectively uses her self-taught skills as a motivational speaker, spiritual healer, philanthropist and performance-enhancing mentor to get people from all walks of life to look at themselves afresh-both from within and without as well as ‘re-energise’ themselves with a ‘can-do’ spirit. However, Nupur wasn’t all this two-and-a-half decades ago as life for her wasn’t a bed of roses or a cakewalk.

Even receiving basic education was in itself a luxury for this village girl, who trudged four kilometres to school every day and studied under night lamps. Having experienced extreme hardships since an early age, has given Nupur the resilience to take life’s challenges head-on with a smile and along with her husband and daughter, shares her multifarious experiences as an erstwhile employee in the hospitality industry employee, actor, educationist, anchor, model, yoga healer, business development entrepreneur to inspire people.

Founder of Tokyo based “HealTokya” movement, Nupur speaks of her struggles and journey thus far with positivity and aplomb. Admitting that “I had very low self-esteem; lived in my own world, thinking I was different from everyone else,” she admits being highly inquisitive and searching for answers about what lay beyond her immediate surroundings. Even though she wasn’t completely satisfied with the answers she got, or with the way her existence was panning out, Nupur didn’t give up. Instead, she acquired a steely determination to relentlessly pursue her quest.

“I wanted to finish my education as soon as possible so that I could explore the world outside the village,” she revealed, adding that from her family’s point of view, the way forward was to get reasonably educated, get married and be a homemaker. However, after moving into town in her early teens, she experienced a culture shock and realised in quick time that she had to overhaul herself completely – in terms of language, attire, conversation, etc., just to be able ‘fit in’ and admits that “I felt completely out of place.” Despite not having learnt to write or speak in English while in school, she through her hard work and sheer determination cleared her senior secondary examinations and came out with flying colours.

Yet, life wasn’t easy for Nupur. She recalls one particularly unnerving incident post-school, where a rich man tried to force her into marriage. When she spurned his offer, he pushed her into a drain in broad daylight, but was luckily rescued by a woman standing nearby. It was only when the Superintendent of Police of Murshidabad took up the matter and arrested the man that Nupur felt that she needed to acquire confidence to make her voice and views heard. She realised then that destiny had something else in store for her.

From school, she moved to a Calcutta college to do her graduation. She tossed aside her parents’ choice of history for her to major in and instead took up tourism and management. Here too she topped her class and wanted to do her Master’s from the Indian Institute of Travel and Tourism Management (IITTM).  But her conservative family did not approve of the same. “Moving out was not something that women in my village dreamt of, but I knew that if I had to progress, this wasn’t enough. If I wanted to get somewhere, I knew that the first steps would be outside the village,” she told me.

Nupur recalls that had it not been for her mother’s support and timely encouragement, she would never have become the person that she is today. “My parents taught me about life with the best examples and fully supported me. Though they were very traditional in their outlook, yet they left me free to explore the wisdom of life.”

Life for Nupur took a turn for the better after 2003, when she joined the Japanese business conglomerate Mitsubishi in India. Through her dedication and hard work, she not only earned promotions but even got posted to Japan. On arrival, she was so overwhelmed with its benign culture that she decided to make Tokyo her home and bridging the gap between Indians and Japanese became a passionate obsession.

She took baby steps to share her family’s skills in healing of the body, mind, and soul through meditation, dance, music, and yoga, and became a raging success with the passage of time. Her efforts came to fruition when she earned the title of “Unofficial Ambassador of Japan”. Japan had given a lot to her and it was after the 2015 earthquake in Kumamoto in Japan’s southwestern Kyushu Island that Nupur found an opportunity to reciprocate.  “Japan needed healing, not money at that point in time and that’s what I provided for free,” Nupur says.

Life, she believes, cannot be limited to only empowering yourself financially; it also has to be about acquiring the confidence to realise one’s potential physically and mentally. Nupur’s outreach has crossed national boundaries. Today, the UN has recognised her efforts and appointed her to help people in countries like Sri Lanka and Africa to recover from the grave mental trauma caused by natural calamities.

Nupur is leaving no stone unturned to ameliorate the suffering of troubled minds. She is using every available medium, including social media, corporate entities, the government and NGOs to offer both free and paid online sessions. Regular contributions are made to the PM-CARES fund for wider use for a better India and world. “Through ‘HealIndiya’, I want to have a space where I can take care of underprivileged children and elderly people,” says Nupur Tewari, adding that self-empowerment or ‘Atma Nibharta’ is the only way forward.

She began free yoga and counselling sessions. Set up a voluntary donation box for anyone wanting to contribute for the rehabilitation of the less fortunate. This set the stage for her “HealTokya” and “HealIndya” ventures that took two years to establish. By 2018, her mission to rehabilitate and educate people to dream for a better tomorrow took firm root. In India, she used funds from her “HealTokya” initiative to renovate a school in Aligarh, UP. Students were provided with bright classrooms, stationery, books, and uniforms. The success of her Aligarh venture convinced her to spread an acquired wisdom and experience to other parts of India. She has attracted corporate India to her cause and has taken up an extremely efficacious project, in her home state of West Bengal and now in Jammu and Kashmir.

The accomplished mentor has also evinced keen interest in extending her ‘HealIndya’ programme to J&K so that its people, especially the youth who are suffering from a host of physical, psychological and mental problems triggered or aggravated by the on-going violence being orchestrated from across the Line of Control. She is also quite worried about the debilitating drug abuse practice amongst the UT’s young boys and girls. Her outreach in J&K has already created a successful student-faculty exchange programme at both the school and college levels. Her motivational addresses have left the mentally troubled youth in Kashmir here wanting more.

Helping people of J&K to overcome their physical and mental shortcomings and find the best in themselves is an onerous task, and as such the turnaround will take some time. However, there’s no reason to be apprehensive because with a dedicated guide and committed mentor like Nupur with an extraordinarily positive approach, ‘Kuch bhi ho sakta hai’ (Anything is possible)!

The author is Editor of Brighter Kashmir, Author, TV commentator, political analyst and columnist.

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