Monsoon foods of India: Ghewar, Aamat and Bhutte ki Khees and more

Several cities in the country are experiencing heavy rainfall during monsoon. This time of the year calls for hot tea and snacks as it rains. But the traditional chai and pakoda are not the only monsoon staples to try. Several parts of India have their own special monsoon dishes. We curate a monsoon food map.

Monsoon foods of India: Ghewar, Aamat and Bhutte ki Khees and more
Ghewar is a very popular Rajasthani sweet made with ghee, flour, and sugar syrup.

By Reya Mehrotra


Ghewar is a very popular Rajasthani sweet made with ghee, flour, and sugar syrup. Not only in monsoons but it is also widely consumed during the festival of Teej and Raksha Bandhan. During the preparations, a disc-shaped sweet cake made of refined flour is soaked in sugar syrup. There are many varieties of the sweet dish including malai and mawa. Once cooled, it can be garnished with dry fruits. The preparations usually start with the start of the monsoon season in India. It is not only available in the market but is easy to prepare at home as well.

Bombay Duck Curry

The Bombay Duck is not a duck but a fish which is also called bombil or loitta. The fish acquired its name during the British rule in India when it used to be transported through a train called Bombay Daak. The fish that was carried in the train came to be known as Bombay Duck. It has a peculiar and pungent smell. Though many dishes are made from it, Bombay Duck curry is one popular dish consumed with rice in Mumbai. It is enjoyed during the monsoons.

Singhade ki Sabzi

An aquatic vegetable, singhada is also called water chestnut, known to be nutritious and low in calories. It is popularly consumed in the form of a

sabzi made with turmeric, cumin, gram flour, dried mango powder and mustard seeds. It also protects the body and builds immunity in the monsoon season.


This special roti is popularly made in monsoons in Himachal Pradesh. It is made with rice flour and has a net-like texture. The dough is needed with rice flour and water. The roti is made using a special earthen pot with a spout on one side and is called kujju. Traditionally, it is had with ghee and jaggery powder or dipped in warm milk with ghee and sugar. In Jammu, it is also made with a liquid dough of refined flour and water which is poured through an earthen pot with openings and made like jalebi but on a pan.


The word aamat literally means sour. Aamat, mixed vegetables in the form of a tangy soup, is made with Gondi and Kareel (bamboo shoots). It is a popular and important dish of Bastar. The making of it is a slow process and it is usually consumed with rice. It was traditionally had after boiling but as tastes evolved, a spicy tadka is added to it to enhance its taste.

Bhutte Ka Kees

Roasted corn is a popular street snack during the monsoon. Bhutte ka kees is a popular dish made from corn that is popular in Indore. Its ingredients include corn cobs, oil/ghee, cumin seeds, asafoetida, ginger paste, green chilli paste, salt, milk and chopped and grated coriander and coconut.

The corn is cooked with spices and then simmered in milk. It is best had in monsoons and winters. Sweet corn is also used to prepare bhutte ka kees

Parippu Vada

Pouring Indian milk tea or Chai with Parippu Vada Kerala Snacks popular deep fried hot and spicy tea time food. Traditional food for Ramadan, Onam, Vishu in Tamil Nadu, Street food of India.

Fried snacks are best consumed during the monsoons. One such snack is parippu vada which is a popular snack in the south. It is made with lentils like chana, toor dal, which are soaked and grinded together into a paste and then mixed with ginger, onions, curry leaves, and other spices for flavour. Its name differs in different parts of the country. It is also called dal vada, chana dal vada, and paruppu vadai in Tamil. Though it has a healthy composition, it is fried and thus not the healthiest snack option. It is best enjoyed with coconut chutney or mint and coriander chutney.

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