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Meet ‘Carbon Gaming’ Aka Pawan Sharma, the young boy who is inspiring the aspiring gamers

Meet Pawan Sharma who is winning millions of hearts through his counter-strike gaming skills

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Know everything about Pawan Sharma

Online gaming has broken barriers as people from all corners of the world can come together and play. Even India has caught on the gaming fever, and a lot of Indian Gamers have made it big in the international circuit. Very few people have achieved laurels in online gaming in India. One such name is of Pawan Sharma, who is from Pittorgarh in Uttarakhand and goes by his gaming pseudonym ‘CARBON GAMING’.

Pawan Sharma’s early life and education

Having been raised in a middle-class household, Pawan found more emphasis was put on studying and working on a regular career. He completed his formal education at Green Valley Public School and appeared for his engineering degree. However, his interest in playing games on his PC, an inclination from his younger days, never left him. He would always find time to play and gradually turned his once hobby into a full-time gaming career.

Pawan Sharma’s interest in counter-strike

He continuously honed his gaming skills with Counter-Strike for nearly a year. There was no turning back as Pawan Sharma took the gaming world by storm in the first tournament itself. People were surprised by his tenacity and skill range. He went on to participate in tournaments. He became popular and known to the masses as Carbon Gaming because of his deftness at online gaming. Pawan Sharma, a.k.a. Carbon Gaming, is now a full-time professional gamer ranked 5th in the world, and he participates in several international tournaments.

Pawan began with one of his favourite games, ‘Counter Risk,’ which he mastered and found to be his forte. However, the world was hailing PUBG at that point in time, giving impetus for Pawan to make a shift which wasn’t easy; however, his gaming skills gave him an edge to master PUBG in just a couple of months. He went on to become one of the city’s best players. Getting a great ranking in PUBG gaming tournaments also became a part of his gaming portfolio.

Initially, his family did not show much support for his gaming career, and only his big brother happened to understand him better. It was the beginning of proving himself and gaining a foothold in a career many aren’t aware of in the country. However, he slowly made his way into the hearts of the people and became famous as ‘Carbon Gaming.’

In a recent media interaction, Pawan was definitely upbeat about his future in gaming. He assured his fans and other upcoming gamers that he is still working on upgrading his skillsets and is extremely happy with how his career has turned out to be with all the good wishes. He reiterates that preparation is on for competing at higher levels and aiming to make the country proud.

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First published on: 25-03-2023 at 11:00 IST
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