Meet Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud and his royal family; Know about their gold-plated supercars, palaces, $1.4 trillion net worth & more

The wealthiest member of the family is currently Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, with an estimated net worth of nearly $20 billion.

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The wealthiest member of the family is currently Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud. (Credits: Forbes)

Since 1932, the House of Saud has been the ruling dynasty of Saudi Arabia. It’s one of the world’s richest and most powerful families with an estimated net worth of $1.4 trillion. The royals wear the priciest labels and stay at the choicest of hotels.

About the royal family

For the unversed, the House of Saud comprises 15,000 people, however, the majority of power and wealth is owned by a group of about 2,000 of them. As per reports, the House of Saud is sixteen times richer than the British royal family. You read that right!

Currently, Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud is the wealthiest member of the family and has an estimated net worth of nearly $20 billion. The king of Saudi Arabia – Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and the Crown Prince – Mohammed bin Salman are also wealthy but their net worth has not been disclosed.


Al Yamamah Palace is where the King of Saudi Arabia lives. It’s his official mansion. Having mentioned that, the royal family has several luxurious and fancy homes across the globe. Built in 1983 in Riyadh, the Al Yamamah Palace is spread over 4 million square feet and has been made in the local Najdi style. Italian marble floors, artistic wall panels, and intricately carved ceilings make the palace even more beautiful.

The Al Yamamah Palace has 1,000 rooms, a huge movie theater, a bowling alley, several swimming pools, and a mosque.

The Al-Awja Palace, another palace on the outskirts of Riyadh is equally lavish and grand. According to historian Rashid bin Mohammed bin Asaker – “The Palace of al-Awja is a retreat place for King Salman where he receives a number of presidents and kings, and it was built according to Saudi’s Najd distinctive architecture.”

Credits: Reuters

The Erga Palace in central Riyadh serves as the office and is used to host meetings with courtiers, entertain VIPs, and as a venue for government functions. Former US President Barack Obama visited the palace. The Saudi king treated him with a lavish food spread and a luxurious stay. As per CBS News, gold-plated Kleenex dispensers were spotted alongside gold chairs.

Credits: Reuters


The family members of the House of Saud have a special place for painting and art – From traditional Islamic artwork to paintings by renowned artists, you’ll find everything in the palaces. As per reports, the Crown Prince MBS bought the iconic Leonardo Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi painting for $450 million in an auction.

They also own Pablo Picasso’s famous Les Femmes d’Alger. They bought it for $160 million in 2015. That’s not all, the royal family also owns paintings by artists like Takashi Murakami, Jeff Koons, and Damien Hirst, among others.

Luxury yachts

It’s not just the lavish palaces and paintings, the Saudi royals also own several yachts. Prince Mohammed bin Salman has a $400 million superyacht called Serene. It was built in Italy’s Fincantieri yard. It has a massive internal seawater pool, two helipads, playrooms, an underwater viewing room, and a snow room. The Salvator Mundi has been kept in this luxury yacht.

There’s another 484 feet yacht owned by Prince Abdulaziz. It can accommodate 64 guests in 32 staterooms and a crew of 65. It has a gym, salon, sauna, theatre, and swimming pool.

Private jets

The family has a massive Boeing 747-400. It’s the largest commercial plane in the world that was transformed into a mini-mansion of the skies. The plane has bedrooms, bathrooms with gold-plated fixtures, and everything luxurious.

Well, if that’s too much for you to take in, then this would leave you shocked – The Saudi royal family once booked individual seats for each of his 80 falcons. Yes, they purchased the entire United Arab Emirates flight seats.

Credits: Reuters

Golden cars

Credits: The Mirror

Turki Bin Abdullah, a Saudi billionaire has several swanky cars worth $22 million. It includes Lamborghini Aventador SuperVeloce, the Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe, the Mercedes Jeep, and Bentley. They also have gold-plated Lamborghini Aventador SV. The supercars cost $1.2 million.

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First published on: 11-04-2023 at 10:15 IST