Man Vs Wild: Here’s everything PM Modi revealed on his adventure with Bear Grylls

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Updated: August 13, 2019 12:17:58 PM

PM Modi while covering the distance of his adventure with Bear Grylls through the jungles shared some valuable moments of his life

Man Vs Wild with PM Modi, Discovery channel, PM Narendra Modi with Bear Grylls, Barack Obama , Running Wild, Modi in wildlife show, Modi discovery channelPM Modi covered an approximately 8-kilometre long route across the jungle.

Discovery’s much-awaited adventure show Man Vs Wild with Bear Grylls featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi was aired on Monday. PM Modi covered an approximately 8-kilometre long route across the jungle. Jim Corbett National Park is home to as many as 250 Bengal Tigers and is also a hub of diverse flora and fauna. The national park conserves some of the rarest species of the plants and animals. PM Modi while covering the distance of his adventure with Bear Grylls through the jungles shared some valuable moments of his life.

Here are the things that Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed about his life:

Childhood: PM Modi said that he hailed from a very small place in Gujarat called Vadnagar and spent his early life in very generic and poor conditions. He said that he has been always close to nature

Student life: PM Modi when asked about his performance as a student said he is not sure that he was a very good student. He told Bear that he spent his life in very poor conditions and he went to a government school

Personal Hygiene and cleanliness: While talking about cleanliness and personal hygiene, PM Modi said that he always used to iron his clothes using hot charcoal in a copper bowl

Struggle of Student life: PM Modi also said that since, during his childhood, people had no idea about soap and detergent, and thus the dew drops which had condensed over soil and became salt was collected and used in boiling water to wash clothes and at the time for bathing

Teenage life: Talking about his teenage, PM Modi revealed that he left home at the age of 17 or 18 years, and went to the Himalayas. There he met people and sages. He explains that period of his life as a precious experience and a time of life that still empowers him

Time Spent in the Himalayas: PM claims that people he met in the Himalayas were among those who left no carbon footprint and caused no harm to nature

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Ethics: When Bear asked him to use a spear if he confronted a tiger but PM denied it by mentioning his teachings (sanskar) of his life. PM said that his ethics and values don’t allow him to take life

Values: When asked about his thought or dream of becoming Prime Minister, Modi said that he never had an aim of becoming Prime Minister. He said that he has focused his life only on the development of the people he has served

Dedication: PM Modi said that, if you would talk about his life, he served 13 years as Chief Minister of Gujarat and 5 years as Prime Minister of India and this was his first vacation in 18 years if this is considered as a vacation

Work and responsibilities: When Bear asked about how he feels about the power and position that he entertains, PM Modi said, “I don’t think about my position. I think of the people and the country. Work is worship for me”

Childhood Memory: When Bear reminded an old memory of PM Modi’s life when he caught a baby crocodile. Discussing the same PM said, “Since water resources were limited, I used to bathe in a pond daily and one day I caught a young crocodile and took it home. My mother told me that it is a sin and then I returned it to the pond”

Values related to Nature: PM Modi said that he has never been afraid of nature. The problem begins when we get into conflict with nature. He said that “My grandmother did not allow my uncle to sell wood as fuel, because she believed that even trees have life and they are important to nature”

Temperament: Talking about fear and nervousness PM said that his inbuilt temperament is very positive. “I am very optimistic and I find goodness in everything around me. I never feel sad about any losses”

Mental peace: PM Modi towards the end of his adventure in Jim Corbett with Bear Grylls, gave the mantra of his mental peace and said that “ I have never lived my life in fragments, has always believed in living life as a whole and have always been positive in life”

Courage: Bear Grylls while taking the PM across a river in a hand made vessel said that “You must be the first PM to cross a river in a dinghy”

Gratitude for nature: While explaining about the relation of Indian people and plants PM explains Bear about how every plant is seen as God in India. He explained to Bear the tradition of Tulsi vivah and how Tulsi is considered a member of the family

The need of conservation: Discussing the conservation of nature PM said that “Lifestyle is our biggest problem in environmental conservation. We exploit nature according to our comfort and barely think of future generations. If we have to conserve nature, we will have to value sustainable development.” PM added that “In order to make India clean, apart from personal hygiene, we will have to learn about social hygiene”

Need for sustainable Development: PM Modi said that if we don’t stop exploiting our nature, we will be answerable for the difficulties of our future generations

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