Make your home cooler and stylish with smart appliances this season

Smart home devices from smart lights to smart fans are a must-have for any modern home.

Make your home cooler and stylish with smart appliances this season
Smart home devices from smart lights to smart fans are a must-have for any modern home.

By Vishal Akhauri

In the world of decor, smart appliances have emerged as a key element in making your home decor stand apart. Whether you are aiming for a cozy space or a cooler and trendier vibe, even planning as simple as the right light fixtures can bring impressive transformations. Smart technology has entered our lives in the form of smartphones, TV’s, speakers, and even home appliances, giving homeowners the power to control it from anywhere.

Smart home devices from smart lights to smart fans are a must-have for any modern home. As they come in attractive designs, homeowners can opt for them to define the aesthetics of their house. So how do smart appliances help in making your home appear more cooler and stylish? Let’s try to understand this better.

A smart home for ultimate convenience

A smart lighting system with smart bulbs and smart switches can be adjusted as per different moods and occasions at home through mobile apps. You can, for example, have separate lighting tones for eating, watching movies, house parties, and even reading. All of these mood lightings can be changed using a smartphone app. You can also use voice-activated speakers or personal assistants to manage the lighting.

Similarly, smart ceiling fans with wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity enable the users to control them remotely. They can be programmed to switch off or on according to preset temperatures. Smart fans, unlike regular fans, recognise the need to increase fan power when there are more people in the room or the temperature has risen a notch. It uses a variety of sensors to detect the quantity of people in the area before providing efficient cooling. One can also control them through various voice assistants like Alexa or Siri.

As we are witnessing probably one of the peak summer days across the country, let’s not miss installing smart coolers at home.  Automated air coolers offer a potent combination of efficiency and ease to effectively combat the summer heat. Dura-pump technology and specific honeycomb pads are built into the clever Air coolers, which lower the temperature in minutes.

Advantages of smart appliances in modern homes

Smart home technology is becoming increasingly popular in modern households for a variety of reasons. Consumers are taking advantage of its various features and capabilities, whether it’s just one device or an entire network. Home automation has some incredible (and undeniably practical) benefits as follows:

●       Modern home decor – Almost every smart appliance combines the features leading to higher productivity and a sleek appearance. They can be an interesting addition to the existing home decor as they are ergonomically designed and can be customised to fit various decor needs.

●       Highest level of convenience– The convenience factor is enormous in this case. The ability to integrate all of the house’s appliances through a single interface is a huge step forward for technology and home management. In theory, all we need is to learn how to use one app on a smartphone or tablet to access a plethora of functions and gadgets across the home.

●       Increased energy efficiency – By employing smart home appliances one can have an energy-efficient home in no time. As the sun sets, lights and motorised shades can be programmed to transition to an evening mode, or turn on and off automatically as you enter or leave the room, ensuring that you never waste energy.

As new technological advances continue to unfold, we have progressed from relying on corded phones to palm-size mobile phones in our pockets capable of dozens of simultaneous communication operations in the last couple of decades. So it can be concluded that home decor stands to upgrade too with the help of smart appliances in years to come.

(The author is VP & Business Head – Consumer DurablesSurya Roshni. Views expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of the

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