Here’s what people think are India’s most trustworthy and untrustworthy professions

An Ipsos Global survey has found that while doctors are most trusted globally, in India, the armed forces is more trusted, while politicians and media are at the bottom.

Here’s what people think are India’s most trustworthy and untrustworthy professions
India has come a long way in promoting cadaveric organ donation. (File)

Members of the armed forces, scientists, and teachers topped the list of professions Indians trust the most, a new survey has found. According to the Ipsos Global Trustworthiness Index 2022, 64% Indians trusted armed forces members, followed by scientists at 63%, and teachers at 62%. These three professions were closely followed by doctors (55%) and judges (54%). 

The online survey was conducted between May 27 and June 10 among 21,515 adults in 28 countries.

The perception of doctors’ trustworthiness has risen in the past few years as Covid-19 swept around the world and put them in the spotlight.

Commenting on the findings, Ipsos India CEO Amit Adarkar said: “The study looks at dedication and almost honours the heroes of the (Covid-19) pandemic.”

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“Those who served the nation despite the deadly pandemic — armed forces members/personnel, scientists, teachers who taught virtually and remotely, adapting to the tough scenario, doctors who, unmindful of personal safety, treated the patients during the pandemic. The global list also believes the ordinary citizens have trustworthy professions.”


The survey also identified the most untrustworthy professions around the world. In India, politicians were to be most untrustworthy with 50% of the respondents holding unfavourable opinion towards them. Ministers in government came in second in the list of most untrustworthy professions in India at 43%, followed by journalists at 35%, TV news readers at 34%, and advertising professionals at 32%.

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Adarkar said: “Probably what this means, respondents would not take everything on face value of what these professionals would say, but with a pinch of salt. Though the perception could also be misplaced and even the good work would be put under the scanner by the common man.”


The global list of most trusted professions was dictated largely by the pandemic: doctors at 59%, scientists at 57%, teachers at 52%, armed forces at 41%, and ordinary men and women at 38%. 

Politicians also topped the global list of untrustworthy professions at 64%, ministers in government at 55%, and advertising executives at 43%.

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