When should you consume apples? Know the perfect time for maximum benefits

Apples are good for your gut health as it contains pectin, a type of fiber that acts as a prebiotic.

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Apple has several health benefits and it is important to consume them at the right time. (Image Credits: Pixabay)

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. We all have heard this every now and then. Apples are one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits. It is not only grown to be sold as fresh fruit. It is also used commercially for vinegar, juice, jelly, applesauce, and apple butter, among others.

Studies suggest that apples contain a wide variety of nutrients like carbohydrates, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Contrary to common belief, in order to get the most out of apples, you should leave the skin on as it contains half of the fiber and most of the polyphenols.

Doctors, dieticians and nutritionists often emphasise including fruits in their daily diet in order to maintain overall well-being.

Let’s have a look at some of the important benefits of consuming apples:

  • Apples are considered nutrient-dense fruits as they provide a lot of nutrients per serving.
  • Apples are a good source of fiber and vitamin C and they also contain antioxidants, like vitamin E, and polyphenols.
  • Consuming apples can help you in shedding those extra kilos as the fruit is high as this fruit increased feelings of fullness for up to 4 hours longer than consuming equal amounts of apple purée or juice. Increased feeling of fullness works as an important weight-loss strategy.
  • Apples have also been linked to a lower risk of heart disease.
  • Eating apples may also reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Apples are good for your gut health as it contains pectin, a type of fiber that acts as a prebiotic.

When should you eat apples?

Apple has several health benefits and it is important to consume them at the right time. According to a report by Bio Wellbeing, the best time to have fruits is, in the morning, between two meals or at snack time, and during pre-and post-workout. The report also highlighted that before bedtime and immediately before or after meals is often considered the worst time to consume any fruit.

So what about apples? As apples also contain immunity-boosting capabilities, they cannot be included at any time of the day. If you have digestive issues, due to late-night or improper sleep and late eating habits, then you should consume apples in the morning.

“Fruits are a good source of multivitamins and can be highly beneficial if eaten the right way. Certain fruits have to be consumed at a particular time to get maximum health benefits. Apple is a nutritious fruit that is packed with minerals, antioxidants and is high in fiber. Apple consists Pectin, which boosts metabolism, regulates heart health, and maintains blood sugar thus it is best consumed for breakfast; however, since apples are high in fiber, they might also cause digestive issues thus they should be avoided during late evenings or for dinner,” Dr. Brunda, Consultant – Internal Medicine, Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore told Financial

It is recommended not to peel the apples and to be consumed without cutting in the natural form, Dr. Brunda said.

It is noteworthy that eating apples at night in the evening or at night can burden intestinal functions, and can you uncomfortable in the wee hours. As apples also contain organic acid, it can lead to an increase in stomach acid if you consume it in the later part of the day.

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First published on: 19-05-2023 at 15:56 IST