Weight loss and obesity: This book can inspire your ‘Fight with Fat’

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New Delhi | Updated: May 21, 2019 3:05:31 PM

"Obesity," he cites again as a gentle reminder, "is a unique disease and we are all touched by it".

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Globally, approximately two billion people fall in the category of being ‘obese’. Closer to home, India too battles this pandemic with over three crores of its population obese and a much larger number overweight.

While the numbers show an upward trend and the health index a downward one, Dr. Kamal Mahawar is now back with his funny yet sensible, no-holds-barred commentary on what you can do to stay fit and healthy.

The UK–based surgeon explains all that you need to know about how to fight the threat of obesity, He also does not hesitate to be critical about the Indian intelligentsia and the society’s obsession to continue practicing outdated social norms even at the cost of health.

Obesity can impair every tissue and organ of the human body
Today, the term ‘fatty liver’ applies to Indians from all walks of life and all age groups. Remember, this is a serious concern because it implies that the liver cannot function properly. Also, fatty liver can worsen to more serious conditions such as Steato-Hepatitis, Cirrhosis and eventually, liver failure.

Whether it is the kidneys, the liver, the heart or the brain, the effect of deposition of fat is noticed everywhere. What is most dangerous is that this can impair the functioning of almost every tissue and organ in the human body.

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The list of diseases triggered by obesity is long. To fight fat requires tremendous self-control and self-love. The question is: are you determined enough and committed passionately to staying fit and healthy?

Be Gentle on Your Joints
Exercise is a must-do activity but not one to rush into! The human body needs gradual conditioning. Start with walking, brisk walking and then start jogging. Remember, it is important to be gentle on your joints.

Fat around the waist is dangerous
With decades of experience in obesity management, Dr. Kamal Mahawar explains through his book about how abdominal obesity or fat around the waist poses a higher risk of liver and diabetes, among others.

Measuring your waist-to-hip ratio is very important to calculate which side of the spectrum you are at. The Appendix in the book is a handy reference as it provides detailed measurement criteria to guide you on how to take your waist-to-hip measurement.

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Published by FingerPrint! Publishing, an imprint of Prakash Books, the book ‘Fight with Fat’ argues that the scale and effects of increasing obesity in India are repeatedly played down. If this trend continues, the surgeon-turned-author asserts that more Indians will develop diabetes in their early 30s and heart disease in their 40s, paving the way for a depressing reality where young Indians will need to be cared for by their elderly parents who lead healthier lives than they do!

If immediate steps are not taken on a daily basis to combat the threat of fat, if pressure is not exerted on the urgent need to make healthy choices in terms of eating and exercising, if we now don’t have a better understanding of the impact of fat in our personal lives, the damage it causes to the functioning of the body itself, then as a growing nation of educated Indians, we may have not made any progress at all on the health front.

“Obesity,” he cites again as a gentle reminder, “is a unique disease and we are all touched by it”.

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