Wearing healthy footwear key to healthy feet!

Published: May 8, 2020 12:52:05 PM

Healthy feet are vital for mobility. And because feet are so essential for keeping mobile and independent, when something goes wrong it can be a psychological strain too.

footwear, healthy feet, green grass, health footwear, Von Wellx, Ashish JainThe health condition of feet also depends on the footwear one is wearing.

By Ashish Jain

On face value, feet touch the ground whenever one is standing, walking or running, and they are extensions of the legs, which helps a person to move. But feet are much more than that. After all, they are the foundation of one’s body and tells a lot about one’s health. It’s the feet that can tell a lot about the general health condition or warn regarding any underlying health conditions. From pesky foot pain to more serious symptoms, like numbness, feet are capable of showing any kind of disease before any other part of the body.

The health condition of feet also depends on the footwear one is wearing. With a fast moving lifestyle these days, an individual is running from work to home, from dates to parties, from shopping to movies and all these things are done by wearing the footwear. Infact, individuals do wear footwear at home too. As a person spends most of his time wearing footwear, it is important that it should give them comfort and also keep them healthy. In an era where everyone is running behind only style and design, health and comfort is a factor that doesn’t seem to spring one’s mind immediately while selecting the right pair for the feet which shouldn’t be the case.

Healthy footwear is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle. Apart from exercise, healthy food, sleep and stress management, healthy footwear plays a key role in deciding the health factor of one’s feet. They help in avoiding future foot, knee, back and posture problems and also energise the feet for all day activity without any tiredness in spite of current problems. This means that healthy feet can keep an individual healthy too. People tend to forget that feet are the foundation of their body and thus a strong and healthy foundation will automatically lead to healthy life. Our body is like a chain of links (feet, knees, hip, back, spine etc), if the first link(feet) is not positioned correctly, all other links (kness, back) have problems.

In earlier times, walking a long distance never seemed a problem but nowadays making it to the downstairs grocery shop ends up heels pain and other things. Our feet used to function perfectly with less or no issues in early days because of the following:

· People used to walk barefoot (no shoes)
· The number of steps used to be 8000 steps or more daily

Also, walking on soft surfaces like grass, etc., naturally stimulates all organ’s nerve endings (in feet) thus increasing blood & oxygen flow to them and keeping feet, knees & back healthy by performing the static, dynamic & reflex functions of the feet. (Reflexology) But now in modern reality,

· We walk less than 3000 steps daily
· We usually walk on hard man made surfaces which gives extra shock to the feet
· These surfaces are not able to stimulate our feet properly as barefoot walking doesn’t
take place.
· Also, use of technically bad footwear which have hard soles & do not support the feet

All these reasons have destroyed the natural connection of the feet with the body (static, dynamic & reflex function) and thus raises the need for healthy footwear. Dr. Med Walter Mauch, famous German doctor for orthopaedics, chirotherapy, sports medicine & naturopathy developed the internationally patented 5 Zones technology based on the science of reflexology to solve these problems without disturbing one’s normal lifestyle. The feet have nerve endings of all the organs of the body. The elevated 5 Zones provides

· Soft Massage all day on the go (Like Barefoot Walking on grass)
· Stimulates organ’s nerve endings in feet
· It increases the blood flow, oxygen & restore the natural foot/organ connection
(reflex function)
· It also helps in Balancing muscle tensions, correcting foot & body position (static,
dynamic function)
· At the same time it also absorbs the Hard surface’s shocks
· Along with all these things, it also provides correct support to the feet & natural

With all these factors, shoes become an active means of exercise. The elevated 5 zones technology is “The Gym in your Shoe”, without requiring today’s passive lifestyle which is walking of 3000 steps and not 8000 steps as the footwear with this technology aims to fulfill the same.

Use of Healthy Footwear also leads to the following Healthy Points:

· Energises feet for 12+ hours standing & walking (No tiredness)
· Exercises foot for strength
· Relieves feet, knee and back pain
· Protects joints and muscles
· Corrects foot position and body posture

Dr. Umashankar Mohanty, President – Indian Association of Physiotherapists told that the healthy footwear provides the necessary support and stimulation to avoid all these problems. It is definitely recommended to use these shoes.

Healthy feet are vital for mobility. And because feet are so essential for keeping mobile and independent, when something goes wrong it can be a psychological strain too. It’s really important to understand that healthy feet result in a healthy life. Just because feet are furthest away from the eyes should not mean that they should be neglected! To keep the feet healthy, healthy footwear is the key.

(The author is Director and CEO, Von Wellx Germany. Views expressed are personal.)

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