VIEROOTS: Helping people to live longer and yet grow younger, fitter

The startup offers scientific and evidence-based holistic wellness solutions that enhance physical and mental well-being of its customers

VIEROOTS: Helping people to live longer and yet grow younger, fitter
Dr Sajeev Nair- Founder, Vieroots

Vieroots Wellness Solutions (VWS) is a fast-growing health-tech startup based out of Bengaluru and Kochi. It envisions a world where people are empowered to live long healthy, fulfilling lives by taking charge of their body and mind via a convergence of science and technology and modern and ancient wellness concepts. “The focus of the brand is to provide world-class research-based products and services for people to live a healthy and productive life with a specific focus on graceful ageing,” says Sajeev Nair, founder and chairman of Vieroots; the other co-founders are Adityanarayan and VP Sajeev.

Nair says it is crucial for people to maintain their productivity or energy levels as life spans go up. “This is where Vieroots comes into play.

The only way one can provide that level of productivity for people at any age is by empowering them to take charge of their biology, psychology, or physiology, which is called biohacking,” he says. Vieroots aims to enhance the overall quality of life of people and support them to live long and stay young. Its core products include EPLIMO, a unique AI-powered personalised wellness app and next-generation natural nutritional supplements.

Considering the uniqueness of the concept behind the company, Vieroots has already attracted equity participation from Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty at a valuation close to `100 crore. Commercial operations started in November last year. However, during the test marketing phase itself, Vierooots had locked in sales close to `1 crore, which made the promoters to go national in Phase-1 itself.

“I have been working with the wellness industry for the last two decades,” says Nair. “I began by selling nutrition supplements and then started a wellness clinic in Kochi. I have been involved in research connected with human longevity and human performance. I believe that though with the help of medical science and healthcare advancement life expectancy is growing, the real question is whether people are living longer or whether it is only that their death is getting pushed further,” he adds.

The health-tech startup works on epigenetic lifestyle modification, which involves three steps. It conducts the V genome test, and the EPLIMO app offers a detailed personalised lifestyle modification plan. Vieroots converges the reports with AI and robotics to provide a personalised lifestyle modification plan, which is designed based on the individual’s genetic as well as present health conditions. The plan will provide details about the kind of food one should take or avoid, the kind of exercises that will help them, the supplements they should take, etc. The results will also be cross-checked by doctors and geneticists.

“We are planning to expand our product portfolio. Currently we have nine products in the precision nutrition sector and plan to add seven more soon. More products are in the pipeline. As we are using our research-based formulation for this, it might take a little time,” says Nair. “We won’t restrict ourselves to only nutrition but would like to look at the broader perspective and cover the entire health tech services and products segment which will empower people to take charge of their health.”

Apart from the digital space which is supported by personal advocacy by wellness consultants, Vieroots is also partnering with fitness and wellness centres who will be able to sell its products and services at their facility. “After six months, primarily after the post-Covid era, we also planning to open Vieroots experiential centres where people can come and experience the products and services and understand more about it. This will be further expanded into a franchise model,” he informs.

Nair says that his venture is also planning to go ‘phygital’ and open Vieroots wellness centres. “It will be a comprehensive approach where we will have doctor managed wellness centres. We are planning to open such 20 centres by 2022 and 100 by 2023. We are also entering the healthy beverage sector soon and introduce healthy coffee. We are also planning to open cafes by 2022,” he adds.

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