The Doctor is In: How to deal with the spurt in flu-like fever cases

A group of viral infections that impact one’s body and health are identified as viral fever.

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Dr Nikhil Modi

What is this viral fever that is affecting a lot of people these days?

A group of viral infections that impact one’s body and health are identified as viral fever. Signs of these infections include high temperature, strain in eyes, headaches, body pain, and nausea in some cases. Viral fever is more common in children and the elderly because of their low immunity to fight the infection. A viral infection is the underlying cause of the fever, which is a symptom rather than an actual illness in itself. A viral infection can begin with different parts of the body like lungs, intestines or respiratory tract, etc. As a result of the infection, a fever develops.

Can it be Covid as fever does not break at normal doses of anti-pyretic and is accompanied by extreme fatigue and body aches?

Yes, in some cases Covid fever becomes unbreakable even after many days of contracting infection and is also accompanied by extreme fatigue and body pain. Usually, people with mild symptoms get rid of Covid fever in 3-5 days but if the fever persists for more than the stipulated time then there is a possibility that Covid has spread deeply into the lungs or there’s a high possibility that certain patients may have prior ailment along with Covid-19. Fever is a multifaceted and physiological response to infection. It is critical to identify the root of fever in relation to the patient’s medical situation and diagnosis sequence. Usually, people consume anti-pyretic to reduce the temperature until the symptoms are mild or it is recommended by the doctors based on the patient’s condition.

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Should people go for a Covid test?

Yes, it is suggested that people, especially children, elderly or people with comorbidities, must get tested for Covid to further take necessary medical action and treatment based on the illness. In general, Covid self-test kits are available in the market now; people can test for Covid at home on their own.

Should people isolate as it spreads fast?

Yes, it is advisable to take complete bed rest for fast recovery, also keeping in mind the isolation factor as viral fever spreads from person to person via physical contact.

Any particular concerns or dangerous signs to look for?

If there are any breathing issue, worsening fever, drowsiness or blood in sputum, consult a doctor immediately.

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Do patients need to visit a hospital?

When the viral fever lasts for more than 3-4 days or the temperature crosses 103°F, patients must seek immediate medical assistance. When the severity of the viral increases and the patient experiences dangerous signs like bleeding from organs like nose, throat or other severe symptoms like seizures or nausea, they should also visit a nearby hospital to get checked for any serious ailment.

Dr Nikhil Modi is consultant, respiratory and critical care medicine, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals

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First published on: 05-03-2023 at 01:15 IST
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