Drink too much? New drug may help curb alcoholism, depression, say scientists

Scientists say they have developed a novel drug that may treat alcoholism by reducing alcohol intake, and also reduce depression without inducing seizures.

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Eye infection in contact lens wearers can cause blindness

An outbreak of a rare but preventable eye infection, that can cause blindness, has been identified in contact lens wearers in the UK, scientists say.

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Excessive alcohol consumption killed over 3 million people in 2016, says WHO

Drinking too much alcohol killed more than 3 million people in 2016, mostly men, the World Health Organization said.

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Regular bedtime may boost your heart, metabolic health

Ever thought why a good night's sleep is incredibly important for your health? A new study has found that regular bedtime and wake time may help you revive yourself and boost your heart and metabolic

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Privacy concerns of patients on smart pills must be addressed: Study

While smart pills have emerged as the new digital health tool that help patients and doctors track drug regimen compliance, as well as increase patient adherence, its ethical issues such as patient pr

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Sun Pharmaceutical gets Australia TGA nod for plaque psoriasis treatment drug

Drug major Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Friday said it has received approval from the Australian health regulator Therapeutic Goods Administration's (TGA) for its speciality product, ILUMYA (tildraki

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Walking just 35 minutes daily can reduce stroke risk in elderly

Older adults can prevent their risk of strokes by taking a daily stroll for just 35 minutes a day or four hours a week, say researchers.

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Digital games can help heart patients exercise more

Digital games can effectively help people engage in more physical exercise and could be used to prevent or manage heart diseases, according to scientists including one of Indian origin.

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Vitamin D may cut breast cancer risk

Vitamin D -- well known for its benefits in building healthy bones -- may reduce the risk of breast cancer and also boost a patient's chance of survival, study has found.

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Ladies, take note! Aggravated PMS symptoms may indicate undiagnosed STI, says study

Women who have undiagnosed sexually transmitted infections may be at greater risk of experiencing negative premenstrual symptoms (PMS), such as headaches, cramps and sadness, an Oxford study has found

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Parents, take note! Household cleaning products may make your kids overweight

Parents, take note! Commonly used household cleaners and disinfectants could be making your children overweight by altering their gut microbes, a study has found.

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Aspirin does not reduce heart attack, stroke risk, reveals study

Taking aspirin daily does not reduce the heart attack or stroke and has no benefit in prolonging life free of disability, a study has found.

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People with asthma at higher risk of obesity, says study

While obesity is known to be a risk factor for developing asthma, according to a study, people with asthma are also likely to become obese.

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Drumming an hour a week may boost academics in autistic kids

Children with autism who indulge in drumming for just an hour a week are likely to have improved concentration, ability to follow instructions, as well as interaction with their peers, a study has sho

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Pollution alert! Environmental pollutants may harm your kidneys, warns study

Certain highly pervasive environmental pollutants may have a harmful effect on your kidney health, a study warns.

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Mixed chemicals in cosmetic items can harm women’s hormones

A new study has discovered that discovered links between chemicals that are widely used in cosmetic and personal care products and changes in reproductive hormones.

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More than 18 million new cases of cancer expected this year, says UN study

More than 18 million new cases of cancer are expected this year and it is estimated that 9.6 million people will die from various forms of the disease in 2018, the UN's International Agency for Resear

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IHD, stroke increased by 50%, diabetes cases doubled in India between 1990-2016: Study

Prevalence of ischemic heart diseases (IHD) and stroke has increased by over 50 per cent between 1990 and 2016 in India, leading to doubling of deaths caused by them, according to a global study.

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Big fillip to IVF treatment! Those undergoing process may become parents sooner via this novel device, say scientists

Scientists have created a device that quickly traps strong and speedy sperm, improving the chances for couples trying for a baby via in-vitro-fertilisation (IVF).

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New blood test to screen for secondary heart attack

Australian scientists are developing a simple blood test that quickly and easily detects whether a person is at risk of a secondary heart attack.

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New therapy may help treat skin cancer, say scientists

Scientists say they have identified a molecule that can be added to a cancer vaccine to boost the immune system's ability to fight skin cancer.

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Eating whole grains may help prevent diabetes: Study

Consuming whole grain foods like rye, oats or wheat can help prevent type 2 diabetes, according to a study which also found that drinking coffee and avoiding red meat can reduce the risk of the disord

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Harvard doctors backed by Li Ka-shing try a fix for cancer care

A pair of Harvard-trained American oncologists, backed by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, are attempting to harness technology to revamp cancer care.

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Taking painkillers? Beware! It may increase heart attack, stroke risk, reveals study

The commonly used painkiller diclofenac may increase the risk of major cardiovascular events, such as heart attack and stroke, a study warns.

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Antioxidant reduces risk for second heart attack, stroke, says study

Scientists have identified a powerful antioxidant that may lower the risk of a second heart attack or stroke, paving the way for new treatments for the disorders.

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Sickle cell anemia causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment: All you need to know

A new study by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) analysed blood from patients with sickle-cell disease and revealed the process of cell clumping.

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IVF children at increased hypertension risk, says study

Children conceived through assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF may be at an increased risk of developing high blood pressure early in life, among other heart related complications, a study

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