Heart health alert! Urban males have higher risk of acquiring cardiovascular disease, shows study

Despite being one of the leading causes of the rise in the mortality rate among men and women in India, the evidence on the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) on India’s population was limited.

Drinking four cups of coffee daily may help protect your heart

Caffeine consumption has been associated with lower risks for multiple diseases, including type II diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Common white pigment linked to diabetes, says study

A study has found out that crystalline particles of titanium dioxide were found in pancreas specimens with Type 2 diabetes, suggesting that exposure to the white pigment is associated with the disease

How to buy the best Yoga mat: Here’s a guide for you

Just like buying the right pair of running shoes is important to avoid injuries, its equally important to identify the right mat to suit your workout style.

Being married may lower heart disease, stroke risk

There are various theories as to why marriage may be protective, researchers said.

Common mental health treatments may harm left-handed people: Study

That simple fact has given us a skewed understanding of how emotion works in the brain, according to Daniel Casasanto, associate professor at Cornell University in the US.

WHO classifies ‘gaming disorder’ as a mental health condition

The World Health Organization (WHO) has now included "gaming disorder" as a mental health condition in its International Classification of Diseases (ICD). "Gaming disorder has been added to the secti

Gut bacteria may lead to anxiety, depression

Bacteria in the gut can cause people with type 2 diabetes and obesity to suffer from depression and anxiety, scientists have found.

Diabetes may be an early indicator of pancreatic cancer

Onset of type 2 diabetes may be an early indicator of pancreatic cancer - one of the most deadliest forms of cancer, scientists say.

Blockchain-based system may offer one-stop solution for aged-care

An Australian company has developed a blockchain-powered system which it says can help solve the biggest problems of the senior care sector that the traditional processes and systems have failed to re

Allergen in red meat causes heart disease, says study

An allergen found in red meat can cause the buildup of plaque in the arteries, leading to an increased risk of heart disease, a study has found.

Home healthcare: Equipped for patient care at home

From ensuring that all medicines are available on hand to hiring a full-time attendant to purchasing medical equipment that makes life a little easier for both, it is a time-consuming and back-breakin

New subtype of prostate cancer identified

The subtype is characterised by loss of the gene CDK12. It was found to be more common in metastatic prostate cancer compared to early-stage tumours that had not spread, said the study published in th

Scientists develop fast-acting cholera vaccine that may curb outbreaks

The researchers discovered an ability unique to the vaccine, called HaitiV, which protects rabbits from cholera-causing bacteria almost immediately - even before an immune response begins.

Sleeping too much may up stroke, heart disease risk

Sleeping for over ten hours or less than six hours a day is likely to cause metabolic syndrome - a cluster of conditions that increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes, a study has found

Toll-free helpline for diabetes launched in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana – Check details here

Initially, the helpline would be available in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and expanded to other parts of the country later, a release said.

Workplace foods may lead to unhealthy eating, says study

The food people get at work contributes to unhealthy eating as it tends to contain high amounts of sodium and refined grains, and very little whole grains and fruit, a US study has found.

‘Surgery in a pill’ may help reverse diabetes, says Study

Scientists have developed a less invasive and effective treatment for reversing type 2 diabetes, one that can offer the same benefits as surgery.

CO2 injections may help cut belly fat: Study

It is believed that injection of carbon dioxide causes changes in the microcirculation, and damages fat cells.

Avatar-based app helps recognise heart attack symptoms

Scientists have developed an app that uses a simulated digital nurse to teach patients how to recognise symptoms of heart attack and call emergency.

Exhausted yet wide awake? Get night sleep properly

Stress at work, lack of physical exercise, high levels of tech engagement and poor sleep hygiene are some of the most significant factors causing insomnia.

Decoded: What causes inflammation after heart attack

In a heart attack, blood is cut off from an area of the heart that then often dies. If the person survives, the body tries to heal the dead muscle by forming scar tissue -- but such tissue can further

Exposure to second-hand smoke down in India, but remains major concern – Here are survey details

Exposure to second-hand smoke remains a major concern in India even though there has been a reduction in such exposure at home and public places since 2009-10, as per the Global Adult Tobacco Survey 2

Decoded: What causes depression among diabetes patients

Increased levels of a protein inflammation in the body may be the reason behind depression -- a mental health disorder characterised by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities- a

Sleep for 7 hours to keep your heart younger, says study

Sleeping for seven hours a day may reduce the age of your heart, and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, a study has found.

Outdoor jobs carry different risks for skin cancer: Study

In the study published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, researchers noted that one of the main risk factors for NMSC is solar ultraviolet radiation.

Smoking during pregnancy can cause hearing loss in baby, according to a study

Children exposed to tobacco smoke before and after birth may be at the risk of hearing impairment, a study of young children in Japan has found. In the study of 50,734 children aged 3 years who were b

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