Soon, vaccines for 2 bird flu strains

A new study has detailed vaccine development for two new strains of avian influenza that can be transmitted from poultry to humans.

Natural plant chemicals block tooth decay

A new study has suggested that oral care products containing a natural chemical that stops bacteria harming teeth could help prevent decay.

Brain or heart? Where you place thy ‘sense of self’ says a lot about you

As per a new study, people tend to locate their "sense of self" in the brain or the heart.

Scientists restore youthful vigour to adult brains, paves way treatments of autism, schizophrenia

Scientists, led by an Indian-origin researcher, have successfully coaxed old brain processes to become young again...

Brain treatment

Men exist to keep population genetically healthy?

Sexual selection was Darwin's second great idea.

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High salt intake may delay puberty: Study

'High fat diet is thought to accelerate the onset of puberty but our work demonstrates that rats fed a high salt diet even with a high fat diet will still show a delay in puberty onset' said researche

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Are you a lark or night owl? Genes may decide

Genes may determine whether you are a 'lark' or an 'owl', according to a new study which discovered nearly 80 genes...

Body microbes can identify you

Microbial communities we carry in and on our bodies known as the human microbiome have the potential...

Body microbes

Anti-impotence drug Viagra may prevent malaria transmission

The parasite that causes malaria has a complex developmental cycle that is partially completed in humans and partially in the anopheline mosquito.


‘Deprived’ neighbourhood could make you obese: Study

People who move to more socioeconomically deprived neighbourhoods may gain additional weight...


Epilepsy drug could help treat Alzheimer’s disease

Epilepsy drug can slow some of the symptoms of the Alzheimer's disease, including memory loss.

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Walking or cycling to work can help you lose weight

The research team based their findings on the responses of more than 4,000 adults in three annual waves of the British Household Panel Survey (BHPS).

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Dealing with the Cancer: Taking the Road to Life

A positive never say die attitude, a good doctor, right diagnosis and treatment definitely assures that dealing with cancer you are still taking the right road to life!

Coffee waste has 500 times antioxidant effect than vitamin C

The antioxidant effects of coffee by-products are 500 times greater than those found in vitamin C and could be used to create functional foods with significant health benefits.

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Insomnia may lead to lower pain tolerance

Insomnia increase the sensitivity to pain, reveals a new study.

insomnia ill effects

Noroviruses spread several metres by air: study

A new study has warned the spread of infectious diarrhea causing viruses from an infected person by air.

Malaria Shot

Despite its partial effectiveness, the new vaccine remains relevant to controlling the disease

Embryonic Research

Chinese scientists’ failure with human germline editing serves the naysayers’ purpose the best

Taste of the times

From restaurant aggregation to delivery of daily kitchen necessities, food and grocery segments are cooking up a storm in the country’s e-commerce space.

Between Sips: In good company

The thing to remember when sampling or rating a wine for the first time is to have the right company with you.


Extra sleep may ward off memory problems: Study

Extra sleep may help fix memory problems, a new study in flies suggests.

New treatment for asthma may be just 5 years away

In a first, scientists claim to have found the root cause of asthma, a breakthrough which could pave the way for a new treatment for the disorder within five years.

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Counterfeit drugs pose global threat for HIV/AIDS, malaria & tuberculosis patients: Study

Poor quality medicines pose a real and urgent threat in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, researchers have warned.

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Smokers who use e-cigarettes less likely to quit

People who use e-cigarettes are less likely to quit smoking than those who don't try the devices, a new study has warned...

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Mushrooms may boost your immunity

A mushroom species native to Asia may boost immunity when eaten daily, a new study has claimed.

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Bill Gates Foundation to design software for govt nutrition mission

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will design a software programme for real-time monitoring of nutrition in india.

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Birth control pills can change the shape of brain

Birth control pills may shrink portions of a woman's brain and affect its function, scientists have warned.

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