Acting too soon on knee replacement?

There is growing evidence that the surgery may be too seductive — and many people considering the procedure must try other ways first.

Drinking coffee can keep diabetes at bay: Study

Drinking up to four cups of coffee a day can slash the risk of diabetes by 25 per cent, a new study has claimed...

E-cigarette use rising in high school kids: US Govt report

E-cigarettes began to appear in the United States in late 2006, but marketing has exploded in recent years.

Learning new language changes your brain: study

Learning a new language changes both the structure and function of your brain network...

Secret to long life not in genes: Study

The secret to a long life does not lie in genes, according to a new study that sequenced the genomes...

Bone marrow stem cell treatment has no added benefit : Study

Bone marrow stem cell treatment has no added benefit over the conventional treatment in paralysis...

Mosquitoes evolved attraction to human odour

Some of the female mosquitoes that spread dengue and yellow fever transitioned...

Indian researchers develop single dose ‘nano-medicine’ for osteoporosis

About nine million bone fractures occur each year due to osteoporosis, a progressive bone disease.

Ebola death toll passes 5,000-mark, says WHO

WHO has acknowledged that number of deaths is likely far higher, given fatality rate in current Ebola outbreak is known to be around 70%.

New pathways for pathogens

Thanks to urbanisation, viruses are jumping species barriers

Twitter shows how weather affects our mood

People tend to be happier as temperature becomes cooler but feel uncomfortable with drastic temperature decrease...

Our mouth naturally fights dental cavities: Study

A key components of mucus found in mouth actively protect our teeth from the cavity-causing bacterium, says study.

teeth brushing return

Moderate drinking healthy for some people: Study

Moderate alcohol consumption can protect against coronary heart disease...

Spirituality may speed up patients’ recovery

Spirituality may play a huge role in a patients' recovery from illness when there is little hope...

Never-before-seen human genome variations uncovered

Thousands of never-before-seen genetic variants in the human genome have been uncovered by researchers...


Brain’s taste secrets uncovered by US scientists

Each of the roughly 8,000 taste buds scattered over the tongue is capable of sensing the full suite of tastes.

‘Pressures of online life undermine young girls’ self-esteem’

Teenagers were, more than ever, having their lives exposed through online communication, said the research unit.

Single gene mutation could lead to infertility

A single mutation in a gene could lead to infertility by causing abnormalities in the morphology...

New technique to repair damaged tissue

Scientists may have discovered a new way to repair damaged tissues...

Walking could stave off memory decline

Living in a neighbourhood that encourages walking can stave off cognitive...

Yoga is going places

Even the most hardened yoga practitioner can fall into the rut of a boring routine. Since yoga is such a flexible sport, health institutes

Nanobodies can help boost immunity

Nanobodies - antibodies' tiny cousins - have tremendous potential as versatile and accessible...

Parkinson’s disease created in a dish

Researchers have successfully created a human stem cell disease model of Parkinson's disease in a dish...

Low vitamin D tied to asthma attacks

Raising vitamin D levels may help control flare-ups in people with asthma. Israeli researchers studied 308,000 people whose vitamin D blood levels had been recorded. They found no association of low v

Polluted: Bad air in our gym

Study finds that air in gyms contain dust, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide at levels higher than accepted standards for indoor air-quality.


Explained: Buzz of expectation around world’s first dengue vaccine from Sanofi

Drugmaker Sanofi Pasteur has announced the world’s first dengue vaccine could come in the second half of 2015.

Tobacco shops pose teen smoke risk

Teens are more likely to start smoking if they live in areas with large numbers of shops that sell tobacco products.

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