E-cigarette not safe! May increase risk of deadly disease, says study

Human iPS cells can become many different cell types, and they provide an ideal way for researchers to closely study cells that would be difficult to isolate directly from a patient.

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Restless and Anxious! Growing concern of mental health crisis among millennials

The millennials are more tech-savvy and self-sufficient than their previous counterparts.

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World’s healthiest people teach us how to stay fit without going to gym

Remember, 'health is wealth' and if you are fit, you can achieve more from life and savor every moment, feeling good about your healthy lifestyle.

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Weight loss and obesity: This book can inspire your ‘Fight with Fat’

"Obesity," he cites again as a gentle reminder, "is a unique disease and we are all touched by it".

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Big alert for heart patients! India’s apex drug regulator CDSCO issues alert on 3 Medtronic pacemakers

So far, none of the Indian patients have faced any adverse effects. Meanwhile, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation can keep the public informed of any further updates.

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Weight loss: Six best summer foods for losing weight naturally

Weight loss in summer can be a delightful experience if you just make sure to pick refreshing and healthy options like curd instead of ice cream and buttermilk instead of a sugary drink.

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Delhiites, your daily milk consumption may not be safe as per FSSAI food safety standards!

There are successes in India's dairy story to celebrate, the reality of some unsafe food products continuing to percolate into the system cannot be ignored.

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Govt asks schools, colleges to hold screening of students for mental health, cancer

The letter mentions that majority of risk behaviour that impacts health takes shape during young age. The prevalence of common mental morbidity including depression in the age group of 18-29 years is

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M-health: Your health on your smartphone! How technology is changing healthcare

Reliance Jio effect: The data revolution has brought a breath of fresh air to the marketing processes of the healthcare industry. The advent of search engines like Google has brought all the answers t

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Why it is the right time for India to make a green switch with menstrual hygiene?

It’s time for us to take a stand for the right education, awareness, and large-scale availability of these eco-friendly products. It’s time for today’s empowering women to make a green switch.

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How high fat diet may cause depression decoded

The relationship between obesity and depression is known to be complicated, with patients with obesity less likely to respond well to common antidepressant medication.

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Why we must switch to plant-based diet– Key to a healthy and sustainable food future

Soy protein provides all the essential amino acids in the appropriate amounts to meet needs of children as well as adults, which most other legumes lack. The lack of animal proteins in plant-based die

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Big win for common man! Delhi hospital to pay Rs 20 Lakh for pregnant woman’s death due to negligence

While disciplinary action can vary from case to case, the fact remains that most private hospitals remain unregulated.

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Hypertension a big threat! More than 50% of Indians unaware about their condition, see which states are affected

India forms 18 per cent of the world population and by 2025, it is estimated that the nation is poised to be the world's most populous country.

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Over 1.5 crore people will need chemotherapy globally each year by 2040: Study

In 2040, the most common cancers needing chemotherapy will be lung, breast and colorectal cancer and the greatest absolute increases in new cases will occur for these same three types of cancer.

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Achilles’ heel of aggressive brain cancer found

In the case of the most invasive brain tumor model, the administration of clemastine resulted in the disappearance of the entire tumor, they said.

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Tattvan E-Clinic: A unique healthcare provider’s unique journey

Tattvan E-Clinics have made it possible for doctors practicing in leading hospitals to treat patients living in small towns and cities.

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Cancer-survivor Sonali Bendre thanks Manisha Koirala for helping in crusade against the deadly disease

Manisha Koirala was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012 but was declared cancer-free by mid-2014 after undergoing treatment.

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Indians gulping more alcohol than ever! Consumption rises unprecedentedly in last few years

The estimates suggest that by 2030 half of all adults will drink alcohol, and almost a quarter (23 per cent) will binge drink at least once a month, researchers said.

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World Asthma Day theme 2019: Here are the early symptoms to watch out for!

World Asthma Day, celebrated on the first Tuesday in May every year, aims to increase awareness about asthma that affects around 235 million people worldwide.

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One in five children suffer from anxiety and depression, AI can detect this early

The voice analysis could also be combined with the motion analysis into a battery of technology-assisted diagnostic tools, to help identify children at risk of anxiety and depression before even their

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What is ventricular fibrillation and how does it affect your heart?

A recent American Heart Association statement has elaborated on specific socioeconomic factors linked with cardiovascular disease.

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Sleep well! This radar system can monitor body’s vital signs wirelessly

Researchers are also exploring the use of the technology to monitor activity levels and falls by residents of long-term care homes, and in hospitals for routine monitoring of heart and breathing rates

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New blood test may help detect Alzheimer’s disease eight years before first symptoms occur

In order to increase the number of correctly identified Alzheimer's cases and to reduce the number of false positive diagnoses, the researchers introduced the two-tier diagnostic method.

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Time for companies to consider mental health care as a worthy investment

It is time for companies and organizations to think of mental health care as a worthy investment.

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Experts call for newer tools, continued investments in R&D to eliminate malaria by 2030

The study was conducted by independent policy researchers and commissioned by Novartis, the company that launched the first fixed-dose artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) two decades ago.

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Most Indian adults not aware they are suffering from Hypertension: Study

Dr. Dorairaj Prabhakaran, Vice President, Research and Policy, at PHFI and one of the authors of the study, said detection of hypertension is straightforward, treatments are simple yet effective, and

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