Better sleep in youth may aid memory in old age

Sound sleep in young and middle-aged people helps memory and learning, new research claims.

To lose weight, work out on an empty stomach

If you are trying to figure out a best time of day to work out to lose weight, you might want to consider exercising before breakfast.

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Cheating on field worse than cheating on spouse: Study

Why did fans and sponsors drop Lance Armstrong but stayed loyal to Tiger Woods? Probably because the former's doping scandal...

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Too much salt intake changes key brain circuits

Excessive salt intake "reprogrammes" the brain, interfering with a natural safety mechanism that normally prevents the body's...

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Stay home and watch TV to curb swine flu spread

How can you avoid catching swine flu? It may be as simple as staying at home and watching TV, scientists say...

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Gut bacteria affects brain health

The hundred trillion bacteria living in your gut have a significant impact on your behaviour...

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Building Resistance

Stanford University research proves the immune system is a product of one’s environment, not genes

Antibiotic use by travellers may cause global superbug spread

Taking antibiotics for diarrhoea may put travellers visiting developing world at higher risk of contracting superbugs...

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10 new antibodies found against cancer

Scientists have developed 10 new antibodies that starve tumours of oxygen and can help in the battle against cancer"...

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Sugar-free gum may help in preventing erosive tooth wear and dentine hypersensitivity

Recent research has documented the oral health benefits of chewing sugar-free gum.

Twitter can predict rates of heart disease

Twitter can accurately predict a community's rate of coronary heart disease, the leading cause of death worldwide...

Eating walnuts daily may boost memory: Study

Eating a handful of walnuts daily as a snack, or as part of a meal, can help improve your memory, a new study has claimed.

Productive Assessment

The real significance of the govt’s time-use survey will lie in granular interpretation of the data

Alcohol TV ads linked with underage drinking: study

Watching alcohol advertisements on TV may prompt drinking, binge drinking and hazardous drinking among underage youth, according to a new study...

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Caesarean section may affect sex life

Women who undergo caesarean section can experience pain during or after sexual intercourse for up to 18 months following childbirth...

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Secret to long life is avoiding men: 109-year-old woman

One of the oldest woman in the UK believes that the secret to long life is eating lots and lots of porridge and most importantly staying away from men.

Coffee may protect against skin cancer

Drinking four cups of coffee a day may protect against malignant melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer...

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Men who live alone run greater risk of premature death

Men who live alone have a considerably greater long-term risk of dying prematurely after stroke than...

5 top tips for wellness at work

Fruits are best things to eat at work. Apart from being healthy, fresh and tasty, they are also light.

Man suspected to be infected with Ebola admitted to Delhi’s AIIMS

The suspected Ebola patient, referred by a private hospital in Jodhpur, was admitted to the Medicine department of AIIMS.

Drinking half a pint of beer daily may fight heart failure

Drinking half a pint of beer a day may lower your risk of developing heart failure, a new large-scale study has claimed...

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Gut microbes may trigger autoimmune disease later in life

Researchers have found that the colonisation of the gut by certain types of bacteria may lead to immune responses later in life...

Scientists extend life of flies by 60 per cent

Scientists have managed to prolong the lifespan of flies by up to 60 per cent after activating a gene which destroys unhealthy cells...

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Environment, not genes, dictates our immune system

Our environment, more than our heredity, plays the starring role in determining the state of our immune system...

New drug may reverse diabetes symptoms

Researchers Bruce Hammock at the University of California, Davis, and Joan Claria at the University of Barcelona found...

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New application lets your smartphone aid cancer, Alzheimer’s research

A new mobile app developed by an Indian-origin scientist allows your smartphone to help conduct research on breast cancer and Alzheimer's...

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Swine flu cases cross 100 mark in Delhi

Ten new cases of swine flu were reported in the national capital today, taking the total figure to 108 this year.

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