Doctor can abort over 20 week pregnancy, if it poses risk to woman’s life, rules Bombay HC

The bench also directed the Maharashtra government to constitute medical boards at district levels within three months to examine pregnant women, who wish to terminate their pregnancy after it has cro

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Too much meat is bad for your health but there is something worse, find out

A bad diet kills more people globally than tobacco, according to research published Wednesday in the Lancet.

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Reaching for smartphone may be bad for your health, says study

The survey of over 500 students found problematic smartphone use was associated with feelings of negative emotions, lack of control, a reduced sense of purpose in life, and a ability to resist social

smartphone, smartphone side effects, smartphones for health, smartphone addiction, impact of smartphone, impact of smartphone on childeren News

Tempting to have a ‘Cheat day’ during keto diet? It could cause serious damage, read more

The ketogenic or keto diet has become very common for weight loss or to manage diseases like type 2 diabetes.

Tempting to have a 'Cheat day' during keto diet? It could cause serious damage, read more (Representational image) News

Air pollution is third highest cause of death among all health risks in India; ranks above smoking

As per the State of Global Air 2019, overall long-term exposure to outdoor and indoor air pollution contributed to nearly 5 million deaths from stroke, diabetes, heart attack, lung cancer, and chronic

Air pollution is third highest cause of death among all health risks in India (File photo) News

World Autism Awareness Day 2019: Theme, history and significance

The theme of this year’s World Autism Awareness Day is ‘Assistive Technologies, Active Participation’.

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World Autism Awareness Day 2019: Light it up blue! Mark the date, educate and spread awareness

World Autism Awareness Day 2019: Autism can be defined as a complex neurobehavioural condition which causes problems with language and communication skills. It also causes a person to have repetitive

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Excess body weight may up pancreatic cancer risk

While the study only had information on deaths from pancreatic cancer, the disease is nearly always fatal, so results are expected to be similar to those for new diagnoses of pancreatic cancer

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One hour of weekly brisk walk staves off disability, says study

Just one hour a week of brisk walking may stave off disability in older adults with arthritis pain, aching or stiffness in a knee, hip, ankle or foot, according to a study unveiled on Monday.

Health News

Single-dose antidotes for opioid overdose in the offing

Scientists are developing next-generation single-dose, longer-lasting antidotes for opioid overdose using polymer nanoparticles.

Health News

IIT-Gandhinagar develops tool to spot dementia by tracking eye movements

Scientists at IIT Gandhinagar have developed a technology that can non-invasively diagnose dementia by tracking a person's eye movements, much before the symptoms appear.

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Five years of certified polio free India! How the country achieved this feat

Polio is a highly infectious and a fatal disease that has permanently paralyzing effect, especially when it afflicts children.

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World idli day 2019: Do you know why idlis are just perfect?

In the lead up to World Idli Day on March 30th, an analysis by an online food ordering platform revealed that Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Chennai are the top three cities that ordered the most idli on the

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Now get treatment under Ayushman Bharat PMJAY in Delhi’s prestigious Ganga Ram Hospital

The AB-PMJAY provides healthcare benefits worth Rs five lakh to each eligible family per year in government and empanelled private hospitals.

Ayushman Bharat PMJAY , Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, multi-speciality hospital, Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, National Health Authority, Prime Minister Jan Arogya Yojna News

Eating walnuts may help fight breast cancer: Study

The study showed activation of pathways that promote apoptosis or programmed cell death and cell adhesion and inhibition of pathways that promote cell proliferation and migration.

Health News

Robots to predict death? Scientists develop artificial intelligence to predict risk due to chronic diseases

Researchers at the University of Nottingham in the UK used health data from over half a million people aged between 40 and 69 recruited to the UK Biobank between 2006 and 2010 and followed up until 20

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, machine learning, global economy, Indian companies, global GDP, World Economic Forum News

Digitization snatching active childhood! How to get your child strike a balance in outdoor physical activities and digital learnings

The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow and the right program can help in overall mental, physical, and skill development leading to a nation of fit citizens.

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Iodine Deficiency Disorders: How a pinch of salt can save a million lives

Dr. Chandrakant S Pandav, also known as the “Iodine Man of India”, along with several other Indian Scientists, demonstrated the importance of Iodized salt for freedom from brain damage due to iodi

Iodine Deficiency Disorders, iodine salt, salt, goiter, hypothyroidism , brain damage , mental retardation, Iodine IQ, Iodine Man of India, Dr. Chandrakant S Pandav News

Around 200 million people in India suffer from depression! Are Indians taking their Mental Health seriously?

There can be many reasons for why ‘Mental Health is ‘Not a thing’ in India, such as lack of education, awareness, ignorance, pressure, social and cultural beliefs.

depression , depression in India, depression Mental Health , depression in cities, Mental Health , WHO , Deepika Padukone , Deepika Padukone depression News

Gender equity a necessity: Data shows that only half of the married women in child-bearing ages use any contraceptive!

Woman empowerment is the key to ensure that India successfully reduces the existing unmet need among its women and achieves its goal of population stabilisation soon.

Gender equity, Gender equality, necessity, data, married women, child-bearing, contraceptive News

Automated tech can detect eye surface cancer

Researchers have developed is a technological approach that utilises the power of both microscopy and cutting-edge machine learning.

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Snacking while watching TV is harmful for your heart

A disciplined approach to curbing snacking can benefit you in many ways and control the onset of other potential medical problems such as high cholesterol and a chronic kidney disease.

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Don’t drink and drive! Alcohol bottles set to carry health warnings from April 1

Last year, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) had issued a notification to this effect dated March 19, 2018.

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Can’t sleep? Productivity issue? Your mobile phone may be the problem

According to the survey, one in five women (19.5 per cent) and one in eight men (11.8 per cent) now lose sleep due to the time they spend on their mobile phone.

sleep deprived, insomnia, tehnoference, mobile phone, health problems, lifestyle health problems News

How Olive oil propelled this European nation to the top spot of the world’s healthiest countries list

In a nutshell, eating local food is the best way forward for good health and this perhaps explains why small countries are leading the way forward on the list of healthiest countries in the world.

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Sugary drinks may boost cancer growth: Study

Consuming just one or two cups of sugar-sweetened drinks daily may accelerate the growth of intestinal tumours, say scientists who also discovered how sugar can directly feed cancer growth.

Sugary drinks may boost cancer growth News

Indian Medical Association calls for unity among stakeholders to eliminate tuberculosis by 2025

This World TB Day commemorates the date in 1882 when Dr Robert Koch announced his discovery of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacillus that causes the disease.

Health News
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