When it comes to calories, restaurant food just as bad as junk food

If you are satisfied avoiding junk food to avoid calories, but are gorging on restaurants meals, news for you as a new study has claimed that both are equally bad for your waistline.

Diabetic? Implantable ‘artificial pancreas’ can help you track blood sugar

As per a new study, implantable "artificial pancreas" can help diabetes patients control their blood sugar.

Smartphone that can tell you ‘you’re pregnant’ comes closer to reality

One day, your smartphone will be able to tell you that you're pregnant. Researchers at the Hanover Centre for Optical Technologies (HOT), University of Hanover, Germany, have developed a self-containe

Statins make women ‘angrier’ but men calmer

A new study has linked statins, the hugely popular drug class used to manage blood cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease, to lower aggression in men, but higher in women.

Your diabetes medicine could help you shed kilos

Diabetic and want to lose weight? Now you can do both with help of a single medicine, as a new study has shown that Liraglutide, an injectable diabetes drug, helps people shed kilos.

Trending on Twitter: ‘Things that unite Indians’ catching on

Look what's trending on Twitter! Interestingly Indians have come up with something unique despite of their mid-week office tensions and are trending hashtag #ThingsThatUniteIndians on social networkin

Scientists find potential new HIV therapy

Scientists have discovered a way to block replication of the most common form of HIV at a key moment when the infection is just starting to develop.

Shahid Kapoor’s marriage prep: Like a normal wedding house, says mom Supriya Pathak

Actress Supriya Pathak says wedding preparations of her star son Shahid Kapoor are going on in full swing.

Scientists take inspiration from ‘insect legs’ to perk up aircraft designs

To improve the safety of long tubular structures which are used in aircrafts and hospital equipments to reduce weight, researchers are taking ideas from insect legs.

A P J Abdul Kalam: Antibiotic resistance alarming threat to global public health

Former President of India A P J Abdul Kalam today called for an urgent and coordinated action across all government sectors and society to prevent the threat posed by 'antibiotic resistance' in health

Protecting dementia sufferers from scammers gains ground in U.S.

Two years after New York socialite Brooke Astor died in 2007, her son, Anthony Marshall, was convicted of bilking her of millions of dollars. The heiress suffered from dementia, and did not know that

Cut off smart technology that doesn’t let you relax after work

Improved technology might have made the working systems easier but the combination of smartphones and increasing pressure at work has made it impossible for people to cut themselves off from office af

‘Too much’ available food to be blamed for obesity crisis

It's the abundance of food that's been causing an obesity epidemic, claims a new research.

Hot or not? How long you’ve known each other matters

A new study has suggested that longer acquaintance levels the romantic playing field. The study found that partners who become romantically involved soon after meeting tend to be more similar in physi

Adapt vegan diet to shed those extra kilos

When it comes to losing weight, vegetarians have an edge as a new study claims that people on veggie diet, and especially those following a vegan one, shed kilos faster than others.

Eat nuts to keep obesity at bay!

A new study has linked tree nuts to lower body weight and risk of obesity. Researchers compared risk factors for heart disease and metabolic syndrome of tree nut consumers versus those who did not con

Women’s faces redden when they are fertile: Study

Women's faces get redder during ovulation but this colour change is so subtle that it is undetectable by the human eye, according to a new study.

Smartphones and internet may give you ‘digital amnesia’

People are using smartphones and the internet as an extension of their memory which may lead to 'digital amnesia', a new survey suggests.

Assocham suggests telemedicine to improve quality of rural health care in India

Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industries has suggested that under Prime Miinister Narendra Modi's Digital India Programme, telemedicine be reached to a vast population of the country which is st

How exercise can keep your brain ‘young’ while you age

In a new study, researchers have shown that endurance exercise may help prevent cognitive decline, keeping your brain working fully as you age.

Males could help develop offspring’s brains before pregnancy

A new study has shown that males could positively influence development of offspring's brains before pregnancy.

New test to identify people from sense of smell

Scientists have developed an 'olfactory fingerprint' test that may not only help identify individuals but also quickly detect diseases

Giving kids antibiotics may alter their development

A new study has revealed that repeated courses of antibiotics may profoundly alter the children's development.

Your coffee cuppa can give your legs a ‘kick’

A new study has found that having coffee before hitting the gym enhances physical performance and makes legs stronger.

More people sick in urban areas than rural areas: NSSO Survey

The number of people reporting sick is more in urban India compared to rural areas, whereas the un-treated spell is more in rural India: NSSO survey

NSSO Survey health

Bill Clinton’s foundation marks 10 years of fighting childhood obesity

Bill Clinton's foundation collaborated with American Heart Association 10 years ago to empower next generation to have a healthier relationship with food and fitness and to fight childhood obesity.

Is X-ray, CT scan radiation really putting you at risk of cancer?

While in recent years studies claiming that radiation from X-rays, CT scans and other medical imaging cause cancer have been widely covered, it turns out that such studies have some serious flaws.

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