Cancer cases on the rise, but death rate is falling

A new research has found that prostate and breast cancer cases have been increased in past years, but cancer death rates are declining in many countries.

This is why South Asian people are poor at managing diabetes in UK

A new study has observed the poor outcomes of South Asian people with diabetes in the UK suggesting that fatalistic and treatment beliefs are often a hindrance to managing the condition.

Focus on pros of healthy foods, than cons of junk ones

In order to make your loved one take up a healthier diet, it's better to tell them what to eat than what not to, says a new study.

Drinking over 5 cups of espressos dangerous for health

If you are consuming more than five espressos worth of caffeine every day, you are putting you health a risk.

Ladies! Mediterranean diet can reduce womb cancer risk by 57 pc

Adding to the goodness of Mediterranean diet, a new study has claimed that foods like vegetables, fish, fruits and nuts, reduces risk of womb cancer by a massive 57 per cent.

Here’s why you should go easy on booze as you get older

A new research has proposed that drinking two or more alcoholic beverages on a daily basis may damage the heart of elderly people.

‘Good cholesterol’ function lowers risk of heart disease later in life

A new study has revealed that people with good cholesterol function stay at a bay from heart disease later in life as cholesterol helps in removing fat from the artery walls.

New ‘economic’ urine test may replace need for blood samples

Scientists have developed a new urine testing method, that is not only economic, but is faster and could reduce need for blood samples.

Women’s brains ‘change’ post pregnancy, motherhood

A new research has found that women's brain alters permanently once they experience pregnancy and enter motherhood.

These body fats play integral role in human brain growth, function

A new research has revealed that there are certain special fats that are found in blood and are essential for human brain growth and function.

‘Pain sensing’ gene shows hope for new ways to relieve pain

Scientists have discovered a pain-sensing gene that can lead to development of new ways to relieve pain.

Slow cognitive process among teens linked with depression, anxiety as adults

A new study has observed that teens with slower performance on a test of "cognitive processing speed" are more likely to have depression and anxiety symptoms as adults.

Pregnant women expecting sons likelier to develop diabetes

Women who are expecting male babies are likelier to develop gestational diabetes than women who expecting girls, finds new study.

How ‘green tea’ helps reduce stress levels

In a trial, scientists tested a drink based on a green tea ingredient, L-Theanine, and found that it significantly reduces stress and cortisol levels in healthy and young adults.

‘Breastfeeding’ helps shield babies from pollution

A new study has suggested that breastfeeding may lessen the negative impact of some environmental pollutants common to high-traffic areas.

Diabetes: Faster the heart pulse, higher the future risk

A new study linking heart rate and diabetes has suggested that a person's risk of diabetes can be determined by evaluating the heart rate.

Soon, vaccines for 2 bird flu strains

A new study has detailed vaccine development for two new strains of avian influenza that can be transmitted from poultry to humans.

Natural plant chemicals block tooth decay

A new study has suggested that oral care products containing a natural chemical that stops bacteria harming teeth could help prevent decay.

Brain or heart? Where you place thy ‘sense of self’ says a lot about you

As per a new study, people tend to locate their "sense of self" in the brain or the heart.

Scientists restore youthful vigour to adult brains, paves way treatments of autism, schizophrenia

Scientists, led by an Indian-origin researcher, have successfully coaxed old brain processes to become young again...

Brain treatment

Men exist to keep population genetically healthy?

Sexual selection was Darwin's second great idea.

female orgasm

High salt intake may delay puberty: Study

'High fat diet is thought to accelerate the onset of puberty but our work demonstrates that rats fed a high salt diet even with a high fat diet will still show a delay in puberty onset' said researche

puberty late puberty

Are you a lark or night owl? Genes may decide

Genes may determine whether you are a 'lark' or an 'owl', according to a new study which discovered nearly 80 genes...

Body microbes can identify you

Microbial communities we carry in and on our bodies known as the human microbiome have the potential...

Body microbes

Anti-impotence drug Viagra may prevent malaria transmission

The parasite that causes malaria has a complex developmental cycle that is partially completed in humans and partially in the anopheline mosquito.


‘Deprived’ neighbourhood could make you obese: Study

People who move to more socioeconomically deprived neighbourhoods may gain additional weight...


Epilepsy drug could help treat Alzheimer’s disease

Epilepsy drug can slow some of the symptoms of the Alzheimer's disease, including memory loss.

alzheimer's science news
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