Progressing towards SDG 3: Health system strengthening through the lens of Human Resource for Health

It is estimated that India has a shortage of 600,000 doctors and 2 million nurses as per the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy (CDDEP) in the US.

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World Mosquito Day 2019: Elimination of Dengue, Malaria and other vector borne diseases possible! Here’s how

All major vector-borne diseases including chikungunya, filariasis and Japanese encephalitis that are prevalent in India.

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Women! Now is the time to switch to reusable sanitary products; here’s why

India has a total of 12.3 billion disposable sanitary napkins to be taken care every year and the majority of which are non-biodegradable.

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Govt mulling options to enforce ban on e-cigarettes, nicotine flavoured hookahs

The government is mulling various options including bringing an ordinance to enforce a ban on manufacture, sale and import of ENDS devices including e-cigarettes if it fails to get a reprieve from the

Some states, including Punjab, Karnataka, Kerala, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Mizoram have already banned use and sale of e-cigarettes, vape and e-hookah News

Colorectal Cancer Prevention and Treatment: Watch your diet and avoid sedentary lifestyle

About 50% of colorectal cancer cases can be attributed to dietary factors and sedentary lifestyle

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National Nutrition Week 2019: 5 Diet Myths that hamper your Kid’s Health

It is easy to develop healthy eating habits in our children over time.

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How strategic implementation of new technologies can help revolutionize India’s healthcare sector

IBEF data suggests that India’s healthcare market is likely to grow to USD 372 billion by 2022.

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How to reinvent Ayurveda for the modern age with integrated technology and digitization

Technology is instrumental in the delivery of Ayurvedic healthcare services, standardization, drug control and quality control.

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F&B: Tapping the health-seekers

Last year, PepsiCo, too, had reduced the salt content in two of its Lay’s chips variants and introduced Kurkure Multigrain packs with 21% lesser sodium.

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Indian-led team develops robotic cane for stable walking

The subjects each walked 10 laps on the instrumented mat, both with and without the robotic cane, in conditions that tested walking with these visual perturbations.

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Shorter working days to improve mental health and productivity in offices

Employers from various industries globally are now trying to implement shorter work weeks to observe long term benefits on employees' productivity and holistic well-being.

New studies now suggest that shorter work weeks followed by longer weekends could be most beneficial for workers, especially for their mental health. (Representational image) News

IMA calls strike on Aug 8 to protest against NMC Bill

The Indian Medical Association has given a call for a strike on August 8 to protest against certain amendments of the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill.

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Euthanasia: Australia’s cancer sufferer first to use new assisted dying law

Robertson, who ended her life in the southeastern town of Bendigo, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 -- which then spread into her bones, lung, brain, and liver.

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Gaming addiction is a disorder, could cause serious health problems

Excessive gaming behaviour referred to as addiction could cause serious health problems

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Kidding around: How children’s fitness is becoming big business

A few schools have gym facilities on their premises, but fitness activities always tend to be ignored when academics get tougher and pressure to score good marks takes centre stage.

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Shocking! Delhi’s toxic pollution turns fatal; 28-year-old non-smoker woman diagnosed with stage-four Lung Cancer

For the city's deteriorating air quality, several factors are being responsible, including construction activities, vehicular pollution as well as meteorological factors.

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Physicians, engineers, designers, take note! India set to emerge leader of MedTech innovation for emerging economies

MedTech innovation requires physicians, engineers, product designers, and business experts to work with each other.

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First time ever! India to conduct its biggest tuberculosis preventive trial with two new vaccines

As of now, treatment of TB involves multi-drug course that usually spans six months.

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Leadless Pacemakers: The present and the future of cardiac pacing

Leadless pacemakers have come to market as a boon to patients suffering from heart conduction disorders. With noteworthy advantages over traditional pacemakers, they have become a preferred choice amo

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Health and tech: Why sleep matters in the digital age

Snoozfit, a sleep disorder diagnostics and management firm, has developed a non-contact device to get insights into one’s daily sleep and body recovery patterns.

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Dangerous rise in HIV AIDS cases in Punjab in just 5 years, Amritsar tops the list! Read shocking report

The increase in the number of cases has been continuous with 5,543 cases detected in the year 2015-2016, followed by 5,987 cases in 2016-17. In 2017-18, the number was at 6,730.


Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease can be managed by ear stimulation: Study

Parkinson's disease may be better managed if traditional drug therapies are combined with gentle, non-invasive stimulation of the balance organs.

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Standard of care: Hepatitis A diagnosis, treatment and risk factors in India

Around 40 million people suffer from hepatitis B in India as per the latest estimates.

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Tinnitus: Ringing in the ears and what to do about it

Tinnitus is often linked to hearing loss but it actually doesn’t cause loss nor does hearing loss cause tinnitus. In some cases, people with the tinnitus condition become acutely sensitive to sound.

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10.74 crore families benefited under Ayushman Bharat: Harsh Vardhan

As many as 10.74 crore poor families in the country have been benefited from the Ayushman Bharat under which free treatment up to Rs five lakh can be availed, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said in Lok

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Beware Delhiites! Vegetables in markets contain high doses of an extremely poisonous substance; Know how it can harm you

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) have set a safe limit for Lead in vegetables at 2.5mg/kg. However, in vegetable samples collected from the floodplain, the level of the metal r

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Autism: Benefits of sports and Yoga therapy for children

Autism in Children: It is very important for parents to make their autistic kids adapt every skill to walk parallel with the advanced world.

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