Hunger can help you take better decisions

It's better to be starving than well-fed when you are trying to make a life-changing decision...

Weight loss surgery cuts type 2 diabetes risk

Being overweight or obese is the main modifiable risk factor for type 2 diabetes.

Single blood test to detect many types of cancer

Scientists have identified more than 800 markers in the blood of cancer patients...

Indian researcher develops new affordable wearable device to track status of heart

Developer of the device intends to price it around Rs 9,000, so that tracking one's complete health becomes affordable.

Clinical trials, a lost opportunity for India

The government should consider refining regulations relating to clinical trials and adopt approaches that have been successfully employed in other countries.

South Asians less cancer aware: UK study

South Asian origin people in England are less aware of the warning signs of cancer than white people.

Runners, get your carbohydrate dose right

Scientists find no correlation between consuming more carbohydrates and experiencing greater digestive upset...

Knowing cancer risk may not affect screening rate

When scientists tested people for a genetic mutation that increases the risk for colon cancer...

Dietary tips for the wedding season

Weddings are significant life events when brides and grooms want to look their best...

WHO issues new guidance on Ebola protective gear

The UN health agency is updating its guidelines for health workers dealing...

Walking makes people happier, restores work-life balance

Young India loves walking; walks more frequently than middle and older age groups.

Air fresheners may poison indoor air: study

Cleaning products and air fresheners, which provide a pleasant smell to your house...

Walking workstations boost physical, mental health

Walking workstations can improve not only physical but also mental health during office hours...

Saliva test may catch deadly diseases early

A simple saliva test may be capable of diagnosing diabetes, cancer....

Social media can help stop spread of HIV

Tweets and Facebook posts could be a new tool to help curb the spread of HIV.

Scientists build ‘mini-stomachs’ in laboratory

Scientists using stem cells said today that they had built...

Harsh Vardhan seeks complete ban on e-cigarettes, ENDS

Favouring a complete ban on e-cigarettes and all products described as electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), Union Health Minister...

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