Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates hails India’s expertise in public health but calls it ‘mixed story’

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has hailed India's expertise in public health but underlined the need for it to do more in the nutrition and sanitation sector to improve child health and survival.

Walnuts may improve health by impacting gut bacteria, says study

Walnuts may improve heart health and reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by impacting the gut microbiome - a collection of trillions of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, a study has found.

How to prevent melanoma, most dangerous type of skin cancer? Avoid taking this medicine

Men who take aspirin daily may have double the risk of melanoma, the most dangerous type of skin cancer, according to a study. Published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, the stud

Fasting may boost stem cell regeneration: study

After mice fasted for 24 hours, they removed intestinal stem cells and grew them in a culture dish, allowing them to determine whether the cells can give rise to "mini-intestines" known as organoids.

Sitting in cars for long hours may lead to blood clots

Analysis of questionnaires from 21 local medical institutions established that 51 patients were hospitalised following the earthquakes due to VTE.

Sauna bathing may reduce risk of stroke, says study

Frequent sauna bathing may significantly reduce the risk of stroke, according to a long-term study. People taking a sauna four to seven times a week were 61 per cent less likely to suffer a stroke tha

Blood type O may increase death risk due to trauma: study

Severe trauma patients with blood type O may have an increased risk of death, according to a study that involved over 900 Japanese emergency care patients.

PM2.5 in your lungs: Pollutants in Delhi air twice the permitted level, been so for two decades

Recently, a study by WHO also pointed out that Delhi has the worst air quality among cities in India. This report also highlighted the increasing number of Indian cities, which are slowly reaching

What is ‘ISIS drug’ Tramadol? Here’s why it has been put under narcotics law regulation in India

Tramadol, a painkiller pharma drug, has been declared a "psychotropic substance" by the Union government and its sale in the country will now be strictly monitored after the NCB said it was being inte

Effect of obesity on cancer: Study finds Aspirin may reduce it

Aspirin, a medication used to treat pain, fever or inflammation, could significantly reduce the effects of obesity on cancer, suggests a study on mice.

Cardiovascular disease among Indians: Researchers find Almonds may reduce the risk

Including almonds in the diet may significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease among Indians, who are more prone to heart disorders than their European counterparts, the latest review of ov

Water wars: Many varieties of water are available in the market, but do we really need them?

The packaged drinking water (still) market in India was valued at Rs 177.3 billion in 2017, with a sales volume of 13 billion litres.

‘Blue light’ from LEDs may trigger breast, prostate cancer, say researchers

Reigniting the debate over exposure to the "blue light" emitted by outdoor LED screens and heightened risk of cancer, an international team of researchers have concluded that there is a "strong link"

Suffer from high blood pressure? Drinking kefir may lower BP, says study

Drinking fermented probiotic milk beverage, kefir, may have a positive effect on blood pressure by promoting communication between the gut and brain, a study claims.

‘Enzyme structure paves way for new anti-ageing, cancer drugs’

Scientists have created the first detailed picture of the molecular structure of the human telomerase enzyme, an advance that may lead to the development of new drugs for ageing and cancer.

Why are essential oils so essential in summer?

Summer heat calls for giving up on those heavy and greasy products and switching to safe, healthy and natural products which can easily seep in through the pores of the face.

Skipping breakfast may cause weight gain, obesity, says study

The participants, aged between 18 and 87, were measured for their height, weight, waist and hip circumference, Xinhua news agency reported.

Drinking may increase mouth bacteria linked to cancer, heart disease

The study offers evidence that rebalancing some of the 700 types of bacteria in the mouth, or oral microbiome, could potentially reverse or prevent some health problems tied to drinking.

Boon for liver cancer patients! New radiotherapy may help treat early-stage hepatocellular carcinoma

A novel technique that delivers high doses of radiation to tumours while sparing the surrounding normal tissue may help treat patients with early-stage liver cancer, according to a study published tod

Art therapy may lower pain, anxiety in cancer patients, says study

A brief bedside art therapy may improve mood and decrease the levels of pain and anxiety in patients with cancer, a study claims.

Vitamin D deficiency may up diabetes risk, says study

People deficient in vitamin D may be at a significantly greater risk of developing diabetes, a study has found.

Big development in cancer diagnosis: Chip-based blood test could replace painful bone biopsy

Days of using painful bone biopsies to diagnose and treat certain cancers may be numbered as researchers have found that a simple blood test that uses a plastic chip about the size of a credit card ca

Eating fatty fish can benefit heart health, says study

Eating fatty fish can boost the size and change the shape of good cholesterol and make them beneficial for heart health, a study has found.

Why is HIV still not a curable disease? This Trinity College study sheds some light

Scientists have discovered how HIV virus avoids elimination from the immune system, a finding which could pave the way for the cure for over 40 million people infected worldwide.

Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic study says anaesthesia does not lower IQ in children

There is no evidence to prove that children below three years of age who were given anaesthesia had lower intelligence level than those who did not have it, say researchers.

Medical marvel! Man with three faces Jerome Hamon becomes first to get two face transplants

In a medical first, a French surgeon says he has performed a second face transplant on the same patient _ who is now doing well and even spent a recent weekend in Brittany.

Suffering from high BP? After taking medicine listen to classical music as it enhances effect of anti-hypertensive drugs

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, listening to classical music in addition to taking your medicines may give you some added advantage as researchers have found that music significantly en

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