Sleeping too much may up stroke, heart disease risk

Sleeping for over ten hours or less than six hours a day is likely to cause metabolic syndrome - a cluster of conditions that increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes, a study has found

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Toll-free helpline for diabetes launched in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana – Check details here

Initially, the helpline would be available in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and expanded to other parts of the country later, a release said.

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Workplace foods may lead to unhealthy eating, says study

The food people get at work contributes to unhealthy eating as it tends to contain high amounts of sodium and refined grains, and very little whole grains and fruit, a US study has found.

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‘Surgery in a pill’ may help reverse diabetes, says Study

Scientists have developed a less invasive and effective treatment for reversing type 2 diabetes, one that can offer the same benefits as surgery.

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CO2 injections may help cut belly fat: Study

It is believed that injection of carbon dioxide causes changes in the microcirculation, and damages fat cells.

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Avatar-based app helps recognise heart attack symptoms

Scientists have developed an app that uses a simulated digital nurse to teach patients how to recognise symptoms of heart attack and call emergency.

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Exhausted yet wide awake? Get night sleep properly

Stress at work, lack of physical exercise, high levels of tech engagement and poor sleep hygiene are some of the most significant factors causing insomnia.

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Decoded: What causes inflammation after heart attack

In a heart attack, blood is cut off from an area of the heart that then often dies. If the person survives, the body tries to heal the dead muscle by forming scar tissue -- but such tissue can further

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Exposure to second-hand smoke down in India, but remains major concern – Here are survey details

Exposure to second-hand smoke remains a major concern in India even though there has been a reduction in such exposure at home and public places since 2009-10, as per the Global Adult Tobacco Survey 2

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Decoded: What causes depression among diabetes patients

Increased levels of a protein inflammation in the body may be the reason behind depression -- a mental health disorder characterised by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities- a

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Sleep for 7 hours to keep your heart younger, says study

Sleeping for seven hours a day may reduce the age of your heart, and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, a study has found.

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Outdoor jobs carry different risks for skin cancer: Study

In the study published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, researchers noted that one of the main risk factors for NMSC is solar ultraviolet radiation.

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Smoking during pregnancy can cause hearing loss in baby, according to a study

Children exposed to tobacco smoke before and after birth may be at the risk of hearing impairment, a study of young children in Japan has found. In the study of 50,734 children aged 3 years who were b

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Work stress may lead to irregular heart rate

Too much job pressure may increase your risk developing a rapid and irregular heart rate, a study says.

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Want to beat the summer heat? Here’s a list of skin hydration tips

The heat is here and so are the summer fun activities. So, if you're wondering how to make those dry patches on your face very smooth, just make sure of following some basic routines.

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Big worry for world: Inadequate sleep affecting at least one in three adults may cost countries billions

Inadequate sleep, a health problem affecting at least one in three adults worldwide, could cost countries billions, a study has found.

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No need for chemotherapy in many breast and lung cancers, major studies show

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women worldwide, causing some 1.7 million new cases annually and over half a million deaths.

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Unable to maintain weight loss? Scientists offer hope for genetically determined obesity

Unable to maintain weight loss due to your genetic predisposition to obesity? Take heart, an injectable drug widely used to lower blood sugar levels can help you fight overweight, suggest a study.

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Homeopaths claim to have treatment for Nipah virus

The Indian Homeopathic Medical Association's Kerala unit has claimed of having the medicines to treat the Nipah virus.

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Common toothpaste ingredient triclosan may up colon cancer risk, says study

Triclosan is among the most widely used antimicrobial ingredients and is found in more than 2,000 consumer products, researchers said.

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Decoded! Here is why you should think twice before filing for divorce

As to why that might be, researchers found that divorced or separated participants, especially women, reported lower life satisfaction than married participants.

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Aerobic exercise may help treat drug or alcohol addiction, says study

Scientists at the University at Buffalo in the US identified a key mechanism in how aerobic exercise can help impact the brain in ways that may support treatment and prevention strategies for addictio

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Health update: Popular vitamin, mineral pills provide no consistent benefit or harm

The most commonly consumed vitamin and mineral supplements provide no consistent health benefit or harm, a study has found.

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Dengue alert: 15 cases reported in Delhi, mosquito-breeding found at 19,200 households

Three fresh cases of dengue have been reported in May, taking the total number of people affected by the vector-borne disease in the national capital this season to 15.

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HPV vaccination not linked to risk of autoimmune disorders, says study

Taking the quadrivalent human papillomavirus (HPV4) vaccination is not linked with increased risk of autoimmune disorders in girls, according to researchers.

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Research: Novel technique to effectively treat cancer identified

Cancer therapies that cut off blood supply to a tumour could more effectively treat the deadly disease when combined with existing chemotherapeutic drugs, a study has found.

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Nipah scare pushes several states to issue alerts

Nipah virus may not have spread beyond Kerala but its scare has spread across the country with several states investigating suspicious cases and issuing advisories on precautions and travel to Kerala.

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