Liver disease drug may help treat Alzheimer’s, says study

A drug which has been used to treat liver disease for decades could help restore cells damaged by Alzheimer's, a study claims.

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New tech can predict fatal heart attacks, says Study

A new technology that can flag patients at the risk of deadly heart attacks years in advance has been developed by scientists, including one of Indian origin.

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Widely used diabetes drug can cause flesh-eating genital infection

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning doctors and patients that some widely used diabetes drugs may, in some rare cases, cause a flesh-eating bacterial infection of the genitals.

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Smoking rates among youth declining in countries that allow vaping: AVI

An organisation representing e-cigarette users in India today questioned the Union Health Ministry's advisory to states to not allow manufacture, sale and advertisement of e-cigarettes and other Elect

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Bacteria from poultry products may cause serious urinary tract infections

A strain of Escherichia coli bacteria -- that lurks in retail chicken and turkey products -- can be passed on to people, causing urinary tract infections and other serious conditions, a study has foun

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Intake of low-carb diets can be unsafe, says study

Consumption of low carbohydrate diets can be unsafe as it may increase the risk of premature death, a new study has found.

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Less than 6 hours of sleep linked to hardened arteries

Sleeping less than six hours or waking up several times in the night is associated with an increased risk of asymptomatic atherosclerosis, which silently hardens and narrows arteries, warns a study.

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Lack of sleep doubles heart disease risk in men, shows study

Middle-aged men who sleep less than five hours a night have twice the risk of developing a major cardiovascular event such as heart attack or stroke, a study has found.

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Potential universal flu vaccine identified

Scientists have identified a potential universal influenza vaccine that could protect people against most strains of the virus.

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‘Heart patients should give birth before 40 weeks’

Pregnant women with heart disease should give birth at no later than 40 weeks gestation.

"Beyond 40 weeks, pregnancy has no added benefit for the baby and may even have negative effects," Roos-Hesselink added. News

Are you an emotionally stressed woman? Here is an important message for your heart’s health

Emotional stress triggers "spontaneous coronary artery dissection" (SCAD), a condition that causes around one-third of heart attacks in women under 60 years of age, researchers say.

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Artificial Intelligence system can identify cancer tumours better than humans

Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence system that can accurately detect tiny specks of lung cancer in CT scans, which radiologists often have a difficult time identifying.

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Alcohol kills 2.8 million worldwide annually, research shows

Alcohol kills 2.8 million people every year globally, causing cancer, heart disease and road accidents and even by worsening tuberculosis, researchers have said.

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Warm room temperatures may help lower BP

Turning up the thermostat may help manage hypertension, according to a study that has found a link between indoor temperatures and blood pressure.

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Vaping, smoking together up heart attack risk by 5 times

Daily use of e-cigarettes combined with traditional smoking can lead to a five-fold increase in the odds of heart attack, according to study which also found that vaping alone doubles the risk.

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Second-hand tobacco smoke harms teen health

Just an hour of exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke in a week can significantly affect the health of teens, causing shortness of breath and making it hard for them to exercise, a study has found.

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Vitamin B3 may help treat acute kidney injury

Oral intake of vitamin B3 could potentially help prevent acute kidney injury that affects 30-40 per cent of all hospitalised adults in the low-income countries, suggests a study, led by a researcher o

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Almond snacking may lower cholesterol, blood glucose, says study

A morning snack of almonds may reduce total cholesterol, and improve the body's ability to regulate blood sugar in breakfast-skipping college students, a study claims.

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Diabetes treatment: This is how mushrooms can aid in cure

Eating white button mushrooms may improve the regulation of glucose in the liver, according to a study which could pave the way for new diabetes treatments and prevention strategies.

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New technique reverses blindness in mice, say scientists

Scientists have reversed congenital blindness in mice for the first time using a technique that may lead to new treatments for humans.

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New HIV drug effectively reduces virus, boosts immunity, says study

A new intravenous HIV drug has shown to be effective in reducing virus, boost immunity among patients with advanced, multi-drug resistant HIV infection, results of a phase-III trial has showed.

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Smoking parents may up kids’ risk of lung disease related deaths, says study

Are you a chain smoker? Besides harming your own life, you may also be exposing your kids to second-hand smoke, which can increase their risk of death due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COP

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Ayushman Bharat: PM Narendra Modi likely to announce launch of scheme on Independence Day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to announce the launch of the Ayushman Bharat-National Health Protection Scheme (AB-NHPS) on a pilot basis in some states tomorrow on the occasion of Independenc

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This new type of bed net can help prevent malaria

Researchers have developed a new type of bed net with a specific combination of an insecticide and insect growth regulator that could prevent millions of cases of malaria.

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Heart health tips: Five grammes or two teaspoons of daily salt intake safe, says study

Consuming up to five grammes of salt a day, the equivalent of 2.5 teaspoons, may not increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, according to a study conducted in 18 countries, including India.

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40 per cent women with asthma may get chronic lung diseases, says study

More than 4 in 10 individuals with asthma run the risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a group of lung diseases that block airflow and make it harder to breathe, says a new

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How to stay fit: 5 online fitness solutions to keep you in shape

Staying fit is the latest fad of 21st-century generation and many companies are minting money with the same.

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