1. Innovative machines to help old-age people and logistics

Innovative machines to help old-age people and logistics

Old age people in Japan and elsewhere can drive safely and prevent any accident. A new drive has been introduced in the vehicle to prevent accident.

By: | Tokyo | Published: September 24, 2015 7:33 PM

Old age people in Japan and elsewhere can drive safely and prevent any accident. A new drive has been introduced in the vehicle to prevent accident.

Takuma Yamaguchi, an Assistant Professor at the Nagoya University, said, “It warns the driver and restrain of dangerous driving. It guides the driver to drive safely.”

The device sends alert signals and restrains driving at the moment beyond safety area.

Yamaguchi further said, “In this situation the car crossed to parking vehicle too closely and driving support system helps to operate break. In case of any emergency, driving system reduces the speed and drive autonomously confirming situation of right and left. If any walker comes on the street, the steering works autonomously to prevent accident.”

This system also recognizes the body and mind of the person and acts accordingly.

Kazunori Yamada, a staff engineer with the Interactive Systems Research Department of the Panasonic Corporation, said, “This chair installs 3 sensors. After sitting on the chair breath and pulse are grasped easily. After analysis of this data saturation of oxygen in the blood flow and stiffness of blood vessel will be grasped.”

This chair has application for health connecting to data.

Yamada further said, “On the aspect of knowledge, the physics, aged person can be monitored. It is the degree of health and long life. The figure of square or circle is reflected on the screen. Monitoring brain wave at that moment this application can grasp the mind and physical situation of aged person.”

A Japanese company has also introduced a relaxing chair and supporting robot to help aged people.

Yamada said, “It is a supporting system for aged person. It enables to rise from relaxing chair to going out of home.”

In a recently held “Logistic Solution Exhibition 2015” in Tokyom, over 100 companies took part and showcased their technology.

They have introduced new technologies for efficiency in logistics care.

Shimadzu introduces new picking cart for division of product preparing for transportation.

Shintaro Hirose said, “This cart can pick up products simultaneously at four places. It recognizes the weight of the product and helps prevent any accident while carrying it.”

This cart can store products in four different boxes and recognizes weight by sensing product information.

It will help in efficiency while shopping.

NEC’s visual recognition technology helps in product inspection.

Umeda, a representative of NEC, said, “NEC has a strong visual recognition technology. The technology is utilized for this machine. Upper camera catches the image of product and recognizes it.”

Inspection of every product is undertaken by upper high function camera.

If it is correct green sign is lighten. If it is wrong, a red sign gives indication.

Yamanaka of Techno Toppan Forms said, “It is a wearable robot to support backbone.”

The muscle suit for back bone is convenient to carry heavy products. It may be utilized while distribution of products.

After fixing the robot on back, the operator can breathe through tube or exhales to control artificial muscle. It decreases the back burden.

Yamanaka added, “The carrier used to be injured his back bone at the time of lifting heavy parcel. Supported by this artificial muscle, heavy labor changes to easy work.”

Such innovative machines will be a great help in the logistics industry.

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