How to overcome stress and depression? How to find inner peace?

Depression is a serious mental health condition that should not be taken lightly. When these negative feelings turn into recurring moods that plague you for days or weeks, it is the first indicator of depression.

How to overcome stress and depression? How to find inner peace?
According to Dr. Basu Ray, there are some indications that yoga may protect against both getting COVID-19. (File)

By Sri Preethaji

Although millions of individuals experience stress and despair every day, there is a way to get through these problems. Understanding what mental wellness is and realizing that you have a problem are the first steps, after which you can start taking action to solve it. Finding inner peace is possible after overcoming stress and depression. One of the most crucial things you should understand is that any stressful situations following a period of overindulgence might result in depression and other mental health issues.

Let us look at 3 questions today and a simple 3-minute practice that will help you walk out of your inner disturbance.

What is mental wellness?

Being able to rapidly and effectively recover from any emotional disturbance or stressful situation is a sign of mental wellness. Being at peace with your choices, stature, and look. It also involves being able to pay attention to what others are saying as well as their feelings. Last but not least, having a goal that involves both your well-being and the well-being of others will help you achieve mental wellbeing.

What is depression?

Depression is a serious mental health condition that should not be taken lightly. When these negative feelings turn into recurring moods that plague you for days or weeks, it is the first indicator of depression. It could be depression, which is when your emotional state interferes with your brain’s ability to heal fast by altering your neuronal chemistry and neurophysiology. Second sign could be continuous dullness, disinterest, no energy and no initiative. Third sign could be an unexplainable crazy excitement alternating with terrible feelings of low. Fourth sign could be a painful sense of meaninglessness. Whether you are successful or unsuccessful, in a relationship or alone, everything loses its appeal all of a sudden. It appears as though the once colourful world has now turned grey. Do not disregard these indicators. Every part of life may be negatively impacted by depression, a serious disorder. We don’t want you to remain in depression or, even worse, to come out of it with a socially acceptable dullness. I’d want to inform you that each day, millions of people recover from severe depression. Furthermore, you or a loved one may recover completely from depression.

Why depression?

The habit of engaging in stressful situations might lead to depression. A tendency for depression might also be present from the moment of birth. Stress hormones continue to flood a child’s system for a very long time if they are rejected at birth or are not hugged lovingly. This could also start out as resentment, melancholy, loneliness, or a desire for love, either when you’re young or later in life. It could start with a tragic event.

The issue is that none of these institutions—education, society, religion, or family—teach us how to leave uncomfortable emotional states. There is no value assigned to mental wellness. Only your accomplishments are important to society, which only cares about the outside. Your neurones develop an addiction to the stress hormones when you continuously experience these high levels of stress. They crave those stress-related hormones. Habits that start at the mental level eventually spread to your physical brain.

3 Mins to a Serene Mind:

  • If you discover that you frequently succumb to mental disturbance, it’s time to create an inner state of being vision. This entails making an effort to overcome these unfavourable feelings and achieve inner tranquilly. Serene Mind Practice is what I’ll recommend.
  • Just three minutes will give you a peaceful mind. Whenever you are distracted and disturbed you do The Serene Mind.
  • Whenever you are preoccupied with the past or the future you do The Serene Mind. Whenever you want to return to calm you do The Serene Mind.
  • It is 3 minutes to A Serene State of Mind.
  • Do not move, and keep your spine straight. Slowly shut your eyes.
  • For three cycles, focus on conscious breathing. Aim for a lengthier exhale than inhalation.
  • Recognize the exact emotion that is arising within you now. Is it irritation, anxiety, or confusion or is it Joy, gratitude or love?
  • Observe the direction of the movement of your thinking – is it entangled in the past or the future or is it in the present?
  • Now Pay attention to the middle of your eyebrows. Imagine a little flame moving from the middle of each of your eyebrows into the center of your brain. Keep focusing on this flame in the center of your mind for a while.
  • When you feel ready, you may open your eyes.
  • You can find it in the Breathing Room Meditation App’s Free Meditations Section if you’re looking for the audio guided meditation for a Serene Mind.

(The author is a Spiritual Leader, Co-creator – Ekam and Author – The Four Sacred Secrets. The article is for informational purposes only. Please consult medical experts and health professionals before starting any therapy, medication and/or remedy. Views expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of

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