Coronavirus NeoCov: 2022 year of NeoCoV? Wuhan scientists raise alarm over far lethal virus found in bats – details here

Coronavirus NeoCov with Transmission, Death Rate: Since the emergence of novel coronavirus in 2019, researchers around the world have raised concerns over existing viruses that may cause new outbreaks due to current pandemic situation.

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A production crew member watches as the documentary film "Wuhan, I Am Here" plays in a screening room in Beijing.The homeless, the sick, the elderly: For people who fell through the cracks of the official system, the then-unprecedented decision to isolate the central Chinese city of Wuhan and its 13 million people was a matter of life or death. January 23 marked two years since the city of Wuhan was placed under a 76-day lockdown as China tried to contain the first major outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. (AP Photo)

In an unusually fast reaction, the WHO has tried to allay fears of many over the NeoCov virus that has become the latest talking point in the pandemic-hit world. The WHO has said that there is nothing unusual about coronaviruses being found in the animals and bird. It has also said that the assumption that NeoCov, which at present is only found in bats, can jump the species barrier and infect humans, need more detailed research.

Amid concerns over Omicron wave and its fast-mutating variants, researchers in Wuhan have now raised alarm over possibility of an extremely deadlier-than-coronavirus infection attacking the human population. If reports are to be believed, this virus – NeoCoV- has a dangerous mortality rate. It is being compared with MERS-CoV, in which, one in three persons used to die when infected.  

China’s Wuhan Lab Scientist on NeoCov Coronavirus: Scientists at the Wuhan lab in China have flagged concerns over ‘NeoCov’ virus that may be far more transmissible and lethal than novel coronavirus. According to Sputnik, the Russian news agency, the researchers at the Wuhan University and the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has said that a single mutation in the NeoCoV virus can infect humans.

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The virus is not new though. The NeoCoV virus has some links to the MERS-Cov, which was responsible for outbreaks in West Asia in 2012 and 2015. As of now, the NeoCov virus is found only in bats in South Africa. However, Wuhan researchers say that it has the potential to infiltrate the species barrier and infect humans too. The study has not been peer-reviewed yet.

The Study

The study says that NeoCOv virus along with its close ‘relative’ PDF-2180-CoV can together pose a danger for the human population. After China, Russian scientists have also said that they are looking into the possible human transmission of NeoCov virus but at present, that kind of emergence is highly unlikely, the Sputnik report added.

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Since the emergence of novel coronavirus in 2019, researchers around the world have raised concerns over existing viruses that may cause new outbreaks due to current pandemic situation.

Home Truth

Meanwhile, back home, Friday brought some relief for India’s Covid tally as the fresh infections dropped to 2,51,209, according to the morning health bulletin. The positivity rate has also declined to 15.88 per cent. But it is the fatality count that has surged once again. After some respite yesterday, India once again registered over 600 Covid deaths in the last 24 hours on Friday. The official data says that 627 people died due to coronavirus and related issues. Meanwhile, the Centre is working on a plan to reopen schools across the country. This comes a day after the Union health ministry said that 58% of the children between the age of 12 and 18 have received the dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

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