Croc Vs Snake: Giant anaconda engages in a brutal fight with alligator; Viral video gets netizens hooked

The fight between the two animals was caught on camera by Kim Sullivan.

A video of an anaconda wrapping itself around a crocodile in Brazil has gone viral. In the footage, the animal is struggling to survive as the massive snake continues to circle it. The fight between the two animals was caught on camera by Kim Sullivan, who hails from Indiana. Although the video was captured last year, it went viral this year. The footage shows the struggle between the snake and the crocodile, which lasted for around 40 minutes. As the anaconda continued to constrict the crocodile, it was struggling to breathe. According to Ms. Sullivan, the animal had to go underwater to free itself. She also noted that the anaconda’s nose was struggling to get air.

The Instagram account that posted the video captioned it with the message, “It’s not a Python, It’s an anaconda.” Watch the video here:

The Instagram account also posted a photo of the anaconda. It labeled the snake as the biggest of its kind.

The footage has gone viral due to the nature of the fight between the two animals. Some users think that the snake won, while others think that the crocodile eventually gave up. An Instagram user wrote, “Which one finally gave up?”

One user noted that both the crocodile and the anaconda were exhausted at the end of the fight. He said that the crocodile was unable to do anything to the snake due to its strangle.

The video was uploaded on Instagram on Saturday and has so far garnered more than 2 lakh 50 thousand views and more than 6,800 likes.

According to Ms. Sullivan, the crocodile eventually came up after a while, but the anaconda was still strangling it. It went under again and eventually came out free. She also noted that the snake returned to its hole.

In another video, a Brazilian fisherman was attacked by an anaconda. The snake jumped out of the water and bit the man, who was identified as 38-year-old fisherman Severino. But fortunately, the fisherman and other occupants of a boat narrowly escaped the female anaconda.

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