Aged to perfection: Tips for storing and aging whiskey like a pro

Here are tips to elevate your whiskey storage and aging game.

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Know everything about your whisky

Whether you’re a seasoned whiskey enthusiast or new to the spirit, there’s no denying that proper storage can make all the difference in your drinking experience — From preserving flavour and aroma to enhancing the overall quality of your whiskey, knowing how to store it like a pro can take your sipping game to the next level. To help you out, NeuWorld Spirits has suggested tips to elevate your whiskey storage and aging game.

Keep it cool: Optimal temperature for whiskey storage

When it comes to whiskey storage, keeping it cool is key. The optimal temperature for whiskey storage is between 15-20 degrees Celsius especially since exposure to heat can cause the whiskey to evaporate, leading to loss of flavour and aroma. Exposure can also cause the cork to loosen and allow air to enter the bottle, leading to oxidation and deterioration of the whiskey quality. This makes it incredibly important to store whiskey in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. Keeping it cool will help preserve your whiskey while ensuring that you enjoy its full flavour and aroma when you’re ready to savor it.

Stand up straight: Proper positioning of whiskey bottles

To ensure your whiskey ages properly, it’s important to store it in an upright position, with the cork or cap firmly in place. This prevents the whiskey from coming into contact with the cork, which can cause it to dry out and shrink, leading to air leaks and oxidation. Additionally, storing whiskey bottles on their side can cause the liquid to come into contact with the cork, leading to potential spoilage or contamination. Storing a bottle upright, while having the cork tightly sealed ensures that your whiskey is able to retain its distinct flavours, even if kept for a longer period of time.

Airtight seal: How to preserve flavour and aroma

When it comes to storing whiskey, ensuring an airtight seal is crucial for preserving its flavuor and aroma. Oxygen is the biggest enemy of whiskey, and the process of oxidization, can lead to a loss of flavour and aroma. To avoid this, make sure the cork or cap is tightly sealed on the bottle. If you notice any leaks or signs of evaporation, it may be time to transfer the whiskey to a new, airtight container or drink it soon. Additionally, once you’ve opened a bottle of whiskey, try to consume it within six months to a year to ensure the best possible flavour and aroma. By maintaining an airtight seal, you can enjoy your whiskey at its finest and savor its unique characteristics.

Handle with care: Avoiding vibration and movement

When it comes to storing whiskey, handling with care is important to prevent vibration and movement. Vibrations can cause the whiskey to agitate and move around, leading to a loss of flavour and aroma. To avoid this, make sure to store your whiskey in a location where it won’t be disturbed or jostled. If you need to move your whiskey bottles, handle them with care and avoid any sudden or jerky movements. Additionally, try to avoid storing your whiskey near appliances or machinery that can cause vibrations or disturbance. By handling your whiskey with care, you can ensure that it remains stable and undisturbed, preserving its unique flavour and aroma over time.

The art of sampling: How to taste your whiskey over time

Storing whiskey properly is not only about preserving its flavour and aroma but also about enjoying it over time. Sampling whiskey at different stages of its aging process is an art, and with the right technique, you can appreciate the complexity and nuances of the whiskey’s flavour and aroma. When sampling your whiskey, pour a small amount into a glass, let it sit for a few moments to open up, and then take a small sip, allowing the whiskey to coat your entire mouth. Pay attention to the aroma, taste, and finish of the whiskey, noting any changes in flavour or aroma that may have occurred during the aging process. By sampling your whiskey over time, you can appreciate its evolution and enjoy it at its finest

Properly storing whiskey is a critical aspect of enhancing your drinking experience. Following these tips for storing whiskey like a pro will not only help preserve its flavour and aroma but also ensure that you enjoy it at its best. By keeping your whiskey in the right environment, standing it up straight, avoiding vibration and movement, preserving its seal, and sampling it at different stages of aging, you can enhance your appreciation of the complex nuances of whiskey. Remember, storing whiskey is an art, and with the right care, you can unlock its full potential and savor its flavours for years to come.

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First published on: 25-03-2023 at 11:40 IST