India Men Show: A glamorous show to accelerate men’s lifestyle and the latest fashion trends in India

The guest list also included industrialists, businessmen, bureaucrats, influencers, restaurateurs, politicians, diplomats, expats, and socialites.
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Air pollution: IIT study reveals cutting household fuel use may save 2.7 Lakh lives annually in India

Mitigating the use of household fuels could also reduce air pollution-related deaths in the country by about 13 per cent, which is equivalent to saving about 270,000 lives a year, said researchers, in

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World’s smallest surviving baby boy weighing as much as apple, set to go home in Japan

Ryusuke Sekiya was delivered via emergency Caesarean section, after 24 weeks and five days of pregnancy as his mother Toshiko experienced hypertension.

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Breathtaking image! Hubble celebrates 29th anniversary with remarkable view of Southern Crab Nebula

The object was first written about in 1967, but was assumed to be an ordinary star until 1989, when it was observed using telescopes at the European Southern Observatory's La Silla Observatory.

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Jerrie Cobb, NASA’s first female astronaut candidate, dies at 88

The Mercury 13's story is told in a recent Netflix documentary and a play based on Cobb's life, "They Promised Her the Moon", is currently running in San Diego.

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Hanuman Jayanti 2019: Whatsapp status, messages, and wishes for your loved ones

The day falls on the 15th day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra, which is a Purnima.

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World liver day 2019: Here are some evergreen secrets from Ayurveda to keep your organ healthy!

Ayurveda lists a few easily available food items that can help you detox your liver naturally.

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Big breakthrough! Pig brains partially revived four hours after death

The brains could not think or sense anything, researchers stressed. By medical standards ``this is not a living brain,'' said Nenad Sestan of the Yale School of Medicine, one of the researchers report

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Good Friday 2019: Why do Christians observe this day?

It is said that Good Friday is one of the oldest Christian holidays and is being observed since 100 CE.

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Dubai jackpot winner: Indian-origin girl wins 1 million dollars, 6 years after winning McLaren car!

The girl's lucky ticket was purchased by her father, identified as M. The draw took place at the Dubai International Airport.

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Rarest 220 million-year-old dinosaur fossils unearthed in Argentina

According to Argentinian paleontologist Ricardo Martinez, of the University of San Juan, the fossils are approximately 220 million years old, belonging to "an era of which we know little".

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World heritage day 2019: Theme, history, and significance of the day

UNESCO has listed over 30 sites in India as part of its World Heritage Sites in the world. However, many of us aren’t too familiar with all.

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New AI system to help doctors in fight against prostate cancer

The research suggests that an AI system could save time and potentially provide diagnostic guidance to less-experienced radiologists.

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China training teens to live on Mars! China opens Red Planet base in Gobi desert

While teenagers pretend to be on Mars, China is planning to send a probe to the real Red Planet next year

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Nepal launches its first satellite from USA

The satellite has a Nepali flag and the NAST logo. It also has the name of the scientists involved in the making of the satellite.

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Women to conquer space! NASA astronaut to set record for longest spaceflight by a woman

These opportunities also have demonstrated that there is a significant degree of variability in human response to spaceflight and it is important to determine the acceptable degree of change for both

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Poets were right! Study finds ‘love hormone’ may help treat alcoholism

They investigated oxytocin's effects on dependence-induced alcohol consumption and altered signalling of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA in the central nucleus of the amygdala (CeA) -- a key brai

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Straight from Science fictions! ‘Human brains may directly connect to cloud networks in future’

Robert Freitas, senior author of the research, proposed neural nanorobots would provide direct, real-time monitoring and control of signals to and from brain cells. Science

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Saturn’s moon Titan has 100-meter deep methane lakes, reveals NASA

Saturn's largest moon Titan has small liquid lakes that run more than 100 metres deep, perched atop hills and filled with methane, scientists have found using data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft.

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Three Indian teams win awards at NASA annual rover challenge

NASA has awarded three teams from India as part of the US space agency's annual Human Exploration Rover Challenge which invites high school and college students to build and test roving vehicles for f

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Where did Life on Earth start? Not in oceans, reveals study

Scientists believe that there could have been enough lightning crackling through the early atmosphere to produce an abundance of nitrogenous oxides to fuel the origin of life in the ocean.

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How Tihar jail is bringing down suicide cases among inmates

As many as 7,000 inmates were provided counselling as part of the project.

How Tihar jail is bringing down suicide cases among inmates

Surgical Infection can have a catastrophic impact on patients in India! UK experts join Indian medics to counter the threat

Dr Nepogodiev co-led the programme with Programme Manager Dr Sohini Chakrabortee, along with surgeons from India – Dr Dhruv Ghosh (CMC Ludhiana) and Dr Rohin Mittal (CMC Vellore).

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Healthcare reeling! India needs 600,000 more doctors, and 2 more million nurses, says study

Even when antibiotics are available, patients are often unable to afford them.

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