7 must-have alcohol bottles to unwind during the long weekend

Stock these alcohol bottles in your home bar, and enjoy the weekend.

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Try these bets alcohol bottles

This weekend began on Thursday evening and we are all excited. Most of us have already made plans with friends or intend to spend time unwinding and relaxing with a drink in hand. For both cases, we have some great suggestions for you, to be chosen according to your preferences. Stock them up in your home bar, and relish the variety of alco beverages on offer.

GianChand Single Malt Whisky

Named after one of the pioneers of the Indian AlcoBev industry and the founder of DeVANS – Dewan Gian Chand, the whisky is a true treasure for those who love their exquisite single malts. The Single Malt whisky has been appreciated by Jim Murray, the greatest whisky critic who terms it as the ‘finest single malt he has tasted from India in recent times with the most refined taste.’ With a pineapple drop candy sweetness, a backbone of vanilla, and a hint of barley, the thin oil lending delicate notes, the whisky will manage to make a special place in your bar and heart.

Rampur whisky

The single malt whisky is usually referred to as the Kohinoor or a priceless gem of single malts of India. It is made in the Himalayan foothills, non-chill filtered, and crafted by hand. Aged for years, it has noticeable fruity and spicy aromas, with hints of vanilla and caramel.  As you devour the drink sip by sip, the scent and flavours are truly unmissable. A true reflection of the protracted summer in India, the whisky gets a unique flavour. The aftertaste is superb too, as one gets a warm feeling in the end.

Johny Walker Double Black

It is derived by blending whiskies that have been matured in heavily charred oak casks, which lend it the smoky flavour that Johny Walker is so famous for. Launched in 2011, it soon rose to the popularity charts. It is made by adding Islay whisky to their popular Black Label whisky, and derives the intense flavour from heavy charring and a great emphasis on smoke, which makes it truly sophisticated.

Monkey shoulder-Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Named after Scottish slang, where malt men suffered a muscular strain due to making whisky by hand, it stays true to the ethos of whisky making. It is made by blending three single malt whiskies, Glenfiddich, Balvenie, and Kinivie, from Speyside. This lends the drink a smooth, creamy, malty yet supple flavour. It sits well as neat or over ice and also goes well in whisky cocktails. Since you will have all the time for experimentation, you can begin here.

Absolut Vodka

This clear as water drink is made with mainly water and winter wheat. The water is sourced from a deep well in Ahus, that is protected against impurities. Winter wheat, sown in fall, is harvested in the next fall and grows while it snows in Sweden, making the grain hard. Made only from natural ingredients, it doesn’t contain any added sugar and is touted as the purest vodka. The transparent bottle too sets this drink apart.

Old Monk

Made by the traditional method, it is matured in oak barrels for 7 years to achieve the cult status the drink has reached. It contains 42.8% ABV and has a smooth and creamy consistency. Bursting with notes of caramel, chocolate, and a hint of vanilla, it comes together as a pleasant drink. Right from the first sip, one can relish the aroma of distilled sugar cane from the heart of India. Enjoyed neat or as a cocktail, the drink is sure to take over your tastebuds.

Great Indian Gin

The brand offers three variants- the flagship, green apple, and orange flavoured. The aroma and dominant flavours are unmissable as they are followed by notes of juniper. It has a smooth and pleasant finish, and when paired with a slice of the fruit of the corresponding flavour, it elevates the flavour many notches. It has been put together by master blender NJ Menon, and triple distilled and infused with Indian spices.

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First published on: 07-04-2023 at 13:26 IST