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7 beers to refresh your mood in the summer

The beers mentioned below cover the best from around the world for you to savour after a long day at work, or as your partner during weekend parties.

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Must-try beer

Well, it might be a bummer for some, but summer is already knocking on the door making us gear up for the change in season. This should also remind us we are practically into that time of the year when we love to relish our favourite beers in the company of our favourite people. Beer lovers, it is time to stock up your fridge with the choicest of beers, ranging from light to strong beer. The beers mentioned below cover the best from around the world for you to savour after a long day at work, or as your partner during weekend parties.

Godfather Super 8

A recent variant of a decades-old iconic beer brand, Godfather Super 8 boasts 8% ABV, which is the maximum permissible in India, yet dons a smooth refined taste that is refreshing. The strong beer by DeVans Modern Breweries Ltd is recognized as a classic among beer guzzlers today. It is brewed using the finest Indian malts and German bitters and has notes of coriander and pale malt. The long cycle of brewing gives the smooth and cooling beverage the outstanding flavour that beer aficionados adore.  This one is for those days when you want your drink to be strong, yet refreshing. Godfather Super 8 has to its credit several awards and wins at blind-tasting competitions even internationally.

Budweiser Magnum

Budweiser Magnum, which has 6.5% alcohol content, is another excellent choice to add to your list of summer favourites. Budweiser, brewed for at least 21 days, has superior flavours and goes well with most snacks, whether vegetarian or nonvegetarian. The distinctive flavour of the beer, which comes in opulent black and gold packaging, cannot be missed.

Carlsberg Elephant

This beer from the international brand is hailed as being exceptionally strong. It has a rich malty flavour and 7% alcohol by volume. The beer also has a touch of caramel flavour in addition to malt, but its most notable flavour feature is a pleasing dry bitterness that it ends with. Carlsberg Elephant extra strong, produced by one of the oldest breweries in the world, provides the perfect kick for a celebratory evening filled with games and revelry.

Six fields Blanche

This golden-appearing beer is a Belgian-style wheat beer, brewed with wheat, oats, coriander seeds, malted barley, and bitter orange peels, along with German hops. It has 4.5% ABV and is offered in pints and cans. The award-winning beer also comes packed in imported 5-liter kegs, making it the ideal party beverage and giving you the feeling that you are drinking straight from the tap.

Kingfisher Ultra Max

One of the most well-known beer brands in India, Kingfisher, boasts of the best flavour in its segment. The finest Pilsen is used to make it, and the ABV ranges from 5 to 8%. It is fermented for several days in order to develop the beer’s Ultra flavour. The black and golden packaging gives the beer its rich golden colour.

Bira 91 White

This cloudy beer has a 4.9% alcohol by volume (ABV) and is the ideal summer beverage because it is light and airy. The beer itself has a low bitterness, but the citrus and coriander give it high aromas. The beer with a wheaty flavour has hints of coriander and citrus. This beer has a medium golden tint and is delicious, to say the least.

Kotsberg Premium Pils

Kotsberg Premium Pils is a 4.5% ABV light beer made from brewed barley, rice, and German hops. The colour and malty, sweet flavour of the beer comes from the barley, while the crisp, refreshing flavour comes from the rice. This award winning beer is moderate and light, making it a great party starter.

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First published on: 13-03-2023 at 14:00 IST
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