5 myths about the Japanese dish Sushi you probably still believe

Here are the five most-discussed myths and realities about sushi. Take a look:

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Know everything about your favourite Sushi

No matter how much you love having sushi, we are sure that there are a few myths about the Japanese dish that you still feel are true. There are several types of sushi – Nigiri, maki, and sashimi. That’s not all, there are different toppings and fillings. We’ve all heard different rumours about sushi – How to eat it, when to eat it, and which one is the best type of sushi. To understand the same, we got in touch with Chef Harry Kosato, the founder of Sushi & More. Here are the five most-discussed myths and realities about sushi. Take a look:

Sushi is only non-veg and raw.

No! You can have Jain, veg, vegan sushi, and not raw but you can have many items cooked and still be yummy and great!

Sushi is so expensive

No! Sushi started off as street food in Edo (now Tokyo) Japan. So ordinary people could enjoy it at ordinary prices That is actually the philosophy of our brand Sushi and More here in India – we want it to be affordable and reasonably priced but still so yummy!

Sushi must be prepared by men

No! Sushi is now prepared in the modern world by women. Sushi and More has 3 staff members who are women. In Japan, there are sushi bars that are only manned by lady chefs.

Sushi is the only Japanese food

No! Japanese food has a wide range of items, and sushi is not the only Japanese food. It can go up easily to over a few hundred dishes, Japanese food, such is the variety found both regionally and as a result of foreign influences on the food.

Sushi is like pizza

No! Sushi used to be something say 3 or 4 decades ago, that was so special, one could only eat it maybe 3 times a year. Now it seems to be like pizza where you can have it as often as you want. True. But sushi is a very special item that takes chefs a long time to perfect their craft. And as such there are only a few skilled sushi chefs in India, whereas pizza, may come frozen in a central kitchen and so sushi and pizza are fundamentally different.

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First published on: 01-02-2023 at 10:00 IST