How does iPhone 14 car crash detection feature work, Youtuber crashes car to know

On the activation of the feature, the authorities get informed with the help of the Emergency SOS feature.

How does iPhone 14 car crash detection feature work, Youtuber crashes car to know
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Apple’s newly launched iPhone 14 series come with several upgrades including a new car crash detection feature which was previously available only on Apple Watches. Apple says that its car crash feature uses the new dual-core accelerometer, barometer, and other sensors to detect a severe car crash and automatically dials emergency services if the watch wearer is unresponsive after a 10-second countdown.

However, in order to test this feature, there needs to be a legitimate car crash. A YouTuber took the company’s claim way too seriously and decided to test out the feature. The YouTuber who runs a channel named TechRax posted a video of him testing out the Apple iPhone 14’s crash detection feature.

The YouTuber tests the feature on a deep Purple variant of iPhone 14 Pro. The phone is strapped to the headrest of the seat and set on a head collision with an old and rusted car. After several attempts, the crash detection feature gets activated though after a lag of nearly 10 seconds.

Upon detecting the crash, the phone activated an Emergency SOS message displaying a countdown of 10 seconds. It asks if you want to connect and call up the emergency services. In this case, the Youtuber dismisses and cancels the request. The phone will call up the emergency services if the request is not responded to within 10 seconds.

In order to confirm whether this feature actually works, the YouTuber crashed the car three times and every time the feature worked.

On the activation of the feature, the authorities are informed and the driver’s latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates are immediately shared with the local authorities. In case the person gets unconscious, an audio message is sent to inform the emergency services about the same.

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