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Facebook parent Meta taught AI to lie and play diplomacy

Meta trained AI to lie and play

Facebook parent Meta taught AI to lie and play diplomacy
Meta teaches AI to lie in a virtual game to win. (Photo Credits- Reuters)

In a recent finding in a research article of the academic journal Science, Meta, which owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, apparently trained an AI agent to play a virtual board game called Diplomacy, which was played 40 times and chat with other players, ultimately brainwashing them into winning and reaching the top 10 players through lies and strategizing.

Although this game demands persuasion and tricks for the seven players who are made to play against each other to win, never before did an AI player was able to defeat all other players with such ease in no time. Meta says that its Cicero AI has a lot to bring in the near future.

Cicero is mainly built on two components of technology namely Natural Processing Language (NLP) and Strategic Reasoning. The Natural Processing Language (NLP) generates messages and comprehends responses in the communication process with other players to reach an agreement or negotiate or mediate around it. On the other hand, the reasoning engine guesses moves of fellow players and uses that data to form strategies. In addition, the company invites research proposals to add more to the capabilities of this AI agent.

The researchers communicated through a detailed blog that “We developed techniques to automatically annotate messages in the training data with corresponding planned moves in the game, so that at inference time we can control dialogue generation to discuss specific desired actions for the agent and its conversation partners”.

Not just this, AI agents have always had the reputation of being good at strategy games.

For instance, back in 1997, IBM’s Deep Blue software defeated Garry Kasparov who is a renowned chess champion. In another example, back in 2016, Lee Sedol, the top player of Go was beat by DeepMind’s AlphaGo. The spectrum of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ever expanding. Ever since its advent, it has been bringing something new and unimaginable.

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First published on: 25-11-2022 at 16:23 IST