Digital facelift for good old pen and paper

To make taking down notes easier and technologically equipped, there are smart writing pads available

Digital facelift for good old pen and paper
smart writing pads and notebooks

Our world is getting increasingly digitised by the day. For newspapers, we have e-papers and news websites, books became e-books, and we have e-commerce, allowing us to get anything at a click of a button. We have digital art, digital money, and what not, which are enough to indicate that technology is the present and the future. Interestingly, something as basic as pen and paper have also gotten a digital facelift. Whether in school, college, or the workforce, jotting down every important note can be tedious. Although typing on a laptop is one alternative, it does not have the same satisfying feel as writing with a pen on paper. If in school or college, one also knows that writing makes you remember things better. Enter: smart writing pads, a cross between paper and technology. Not only are these technologically equipped, but they are also light, handy, and some are quite inexpensive. These are made to be easier on the eye, compared to other gadgets, to not cause digital strain on the users’ eyes. The experience is made to be close to writing on paper. A disadvantage for many is the lack of storage options. However, this is essentially the case in the inexpensive ones. The pricier ones come with storage capability that allows you to save your notes for later use.

Here are some smart writing pads and notebooks:

Amazon Basic Magic Slate

Priced at `289 for the 8.5-inch and `949 for the 15-inch Magic Slate, this Amazon product is affordable, lightweight, easily portable, and easy on the eye. It is equipped with pressure-sensitive technology, hence, offering a paper-like experience. The slate comes with a stylus, has a key for clearance, and one to lock the screen, which protects the note from getting deleted. It can be a good tool for young kids to scribble on, saving you paper and the walls. It can serve as a writing pad, notice board, refrigerator whiteboard, etc.

Redmi Writing Pad

Just like Amazon Basic Magic Slate, the Redmi Writing Pad comes with a button to clear the screen and one to lock. It is also easy on the eye as “the screen emits no light and mimics the appearance of ink on paper, preventing eye fatigue after extended use”, the company says. Recreating an experience close to pen and paper, you can also be wary of the pressure applied with the stylus for different strokes. It is “safe for children to use for their daily doodling,” the company says. But at the same time, older children and adults can use it as a writing pad, notice board, etc. The Redmi Writing Pad costs `699. While these are great affordable options, storage capability is an added advantage that adds to the overall experience.

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

The product is quite interesting, to say the least, serving as the perfect mix of technology and the pen-and-paper experience. On this smart reusable notebook, you take notes with an erasable pen that comes with the product. After writing anything, you scan the photos to the Rocketbook app; erase the whole thing using a damp microfibre cloth, and your smart notebook is available for reuse. The app keeps your notes organised and can also send the same to Google Drive, Evernote, and other options. However, notably, the paper of this smart notebook is nowhere close to the actual paper and is quite natural as it is designed to hold out against a damp cloth. The Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook costs around ` 5,000.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Although a tablet, this Samsung product can be used with a Spen, allowing you to use it as a writing pad to take write or draw, along with its other functionalities. The added advantage here is that it helps with easy storage and sharing of notes. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 costs over ` 50,000.

iPad + Apple pencil

If you are willing to go on an even pricier side, there is always an iPad, which you can turn into a writing pad by using an Apple pencil. Here, you can also enjoy the functionalities of an iPad, and the Apple pencil is sleeker and sharper than many other styluses.

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First published on: 05-02-2023 at 01:20 IST