Cloudflare’s Turnstile may replace CAPTCHAs

Cloudflare’s CAPTCHA alternative is now available in beta form.

Cloudflare’s Turnstile may replace CAPTCHAs
Cloudflare’s Turnstile may replace CAPTCHAs. (Photo Credits: Cloudfare)

Cloudfare, an Internet infrastructure provider, is testing a new kind of CAPTCHA that will save you from those annoying visual tests asking you to confirm if you are a robot or a human. Dubbed as Turnstile, this new product is claimed to be a smart CAPTCHA alternative. The company says that anyone who wants to do away with CAPTCHA on their site can get Turnstile by calling a simple API. It does not mandate you to be a Cloudflare customer or sending traffic through the Cloudflare global network.

Turnstile is designed in such a way that it spares users from executing tedious – find the trees or traffic lights kinds of tasks for human verification. Cloudflare presents its product as “a user friendly, privacy preserving alternative” to CAPTCHA.

Cloudflare’s CEO and Co-Founder, Matthew Prince, says that the California’s IT Tech giant will help the internet users get rid of ‘one of the most hated pieces of Internet technology’ and will offer an improved and more private end user experience.

How does it work?

Turnstile is said to be a CAPTCHA alternative. The solution automatically chooses from a rotating suite of browser challenges that work behind the scenes, looking for signals if there is a human user.

The CAPTCHA alternative recognises Private Access Tokens from users on the latest and updated versions of macOS or iOS – which allows it to validate with the help of the device’s vendor. The company also claims that it does not collect or store user’s data.

What is CAPTCHA?

CAPTCHA is the abbreviation for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. The word was coined by Luis von Ahn, Nicholas J. Hopper, Manuel Blum and John Langford in 2003. It is a user identification procedure used to differentiate between a real person and a bot.

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